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10 footballers you did not know were Muslim

10 footballers you did not know were Muslim

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and footballers are some of the most high-profile public athletes. However, there is still so much we do not know about our favourite footballers.

Religion is one of the most sensitive and salient features of a person. While some footballers are extremely open about their personal beliefs, there are some famous footballers whose religions of choice are no so well known.
Without much ado, let us take a look at 10 footballers who you might not know were Muslim: (First let us take a look at the most famous Muslim footballers)

Some well known Muslim footballersMesut OzilOzil praying
One of the most well-known current active footballers on this list, Mesut Ozil is often seen bestowing his thanks to the Almighty on the football pitch. The German footballer recites from the Quran before his match.

Özil said, “I always do that before I go out [on the pitch]. I pray and my teammates know that they cannot talk to me during this brief period.”

Zinedine ZidaneZinedine Zidane France
One of the greatest footballers of all time, Zidane is probably the most famous Muslim footballer to ever play the game. A once in a generation player, Zidane has now made an extremely successful transition to management, even winning the Champions League twice in two years with Real Madrid. The Frenchman is not overtly religious though and does not publicly show or speak much about his personal beliefs.

Karim BenzemaKarim Benzema praying
Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is another Real Madrid star who practices Islam. One of the biggest stars in Zidane’s team, Benzema is a devout Muslim who follows fasting in the holy month of Ramadan.

I am sure most of you guys would have known about the above 3 footballers. Now let us take a look at names which might surprise you: