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18th Annual ISNA Education Forum

18th Annual ISNA Education Forum

Preparing Islamic Schools for a Changing World
Knowledge, discoveries and innovations are expanding at an exponential rate. Studies show that 65% of today’s school children will be employed after they graduate college in jobs that don’t exist today. Our students will face challenges that we cannot foresee in both their faith and practice. Educators must be prepared to teach students to think critically, acquire knowledge independently and evaluate it from an Islamic prism. This year’s ISNA Education Forum program aims to provide educators with some tools and insights that will enable them to help their students develop into spiritual lifelong learners and problem solvers who are ready to contribute positively to the world that awaits them.

Meet the Inaugural Session Keynote Speaker:
Charles L. Glenn, EdD, PhD Professor emeritus of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Following two decades of state government responsibility for the educational rights of minority groups in Massachusetts, Glenn’s research has focused on the historical development of and comparative policies defining the role of government in relation to both justice and freedom in schooling. The title of his latest edited work with Jan De Groof, Balancing Freedom, Autonomy, and Accountability in Education (2012, four volumes and 100 authors covering 65 countries worldwide), captures well the primary focus of his policy work: finding the right balance among the freedom of parents to choose schools for their children, the professional autonomy of educators to create distinctive schools, and the role of government in ensuring that every child receives an effective education.

He is currently directing a study on citizenship education in Islamic secondary schools across the United States.

Conference Topics

Board Development
Conflict Resolution in School and Community
Data-Driven Academic Growth
Development/ Fundraising
Nurturing and Sustaining your Staff
School Climate
Strategic Planning
Transformational Leadership
Curriculum & Instruction:

Assessing and Addressing Special Needs Students
Best Practices in Differentiated Instruction
College and Career Readiness
Data Driven Academic Growth
Inquiry Based Instruction/Critical Thinking
Project Based Learning
Social/Emotional Learning
STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math)
Technology/Resources and Integration
Islamic Studies & Character Building:

An Effective Islamic Studies Curriculum
Confronting Today’s Challenges
Authentic Islamic Studies Instruction
Classroom Practices for Building the
Prophetic Character
Global Citizenship
Service Learning

Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers
Teaching Arabic for Qur’anic Understanding
Sessions and Workshops
Pre-Conference Workshops (Friday 8.30 AM to 5 PM)
Evening Banquet with Award Presentation
Networking Session
Bazaar with variety of booths
Childcare Program
Safiyyah Mustafa (317) 838 8129 or
(317) 839 1814 or
Bazaar & Sponsorships
Anjum Khan (317) 838 8131 or
Matrimonial Banquet
Tabasum Ahmad (317) 838 8133 or

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