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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Muslim World Cup players face Ramadan decision

France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria and Nigeria are among the teams that have Muslim players who may choose to observe the 30-day period of fasting and reflection. During Ramadan, the ninth and holiest month in the Islamic calendar, all healthy adult Muslims are expected to refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours. Such a scenario could play havoc with ... Read More »

Ramadan Poses Test to Muslim Players at World Cup


The observance of Ramadan, one of Islam’s five pillars, is a religious obligation in which Muslims fast and forgo any liquids from dawn until dusk over the course of a month. The month begins Saturday night, and Abdien’s usually quiet mosque has been inundated with newcomers. “Normally we have 100, maybe 150 people here every Friday to pray, after the ... Read More »

Obama sends best wishes for Muslim holy month

President Barack Obama is sending his best wishes to Muslims in the US and around the world on the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Obama says in a statement that the US is grateful for Muslim-American organisations, individuals and businesses that work to reduce the income gap and poverty through charitable efforts and programmes that provide education, skills ... Read More »

Ramadan spiritually energizes Muslims


The holy month of Ramadan comes to the Islamic world every year to remind the Muslim faithful on the need to return to Allah by following His teachings in all walks of their lives in order to achieve peace in this world and the Hereafter. The daytime fasting and nighttime prayers spiritually energize the faithful to lead a new life, ... Read More »

UK Muslims on Mission to Share Ramadan


CAIRO – Muslims from Manchester’s large city of Oldham have come up with an innovative idea to invite non-Muslim neighbors to share Ramadan fasting and iftar for one day with a Muslim family to drive out misconceptions about the faith and holy month. “This is to give people a bit of awareness,” Hushiyar Ali, a Muslim who lives in Oldham, ... Read More »

UK Muslims gather to promote tolerance


Thousands of British Muslims are gathering at a mass peace rally in Surrey aimed at promoting religious tolerance and rejecting extremism. An estimated 5,000 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), considered the biggest Muslim youth group in the United Kingdom, will participate in the three day event starting on Friday to promote dialogue around peace and rejecting religious ... Read More »

Sight of moon means start of month of abstinence


Muslims in New Zealand will this year be fasting just 11 hours during Ramadan while their counterparts in the Northern Hemisphere will be going without food for over 20 hours. Zain Ali, head of the University of Auckland’s Islamic studies research unit, said this was because the Islamic holy month will fall during mid-winter when the days are shorter. Islam ... Read More »

When Islam came to Australia

The white lines are faint but unmistakable. Small sailing boats, picked out in white and yellow pigment on the red rocks of the Wellington Range in Arnhem Land, northern Australia, tell a different story from the one most Australians accept as the history of their nation. They are traditional Indonesian boats known as praus and they brought Muslim fishermen from ... Read More »

Muslims under attack in Lanka


As if the anti-Muslim surge in India and Myanmar wasn’t horrible enough, Sri Lanka’s recently joining the club has rung many alarm bells among the Muslims of South Asia. The killing spree in the Aluthgama town in southern Sri Lanka has resulted in at least four deaths, with many houses and shops gutted in violence sparked by an anti-Muslim rally ... Read More »

Pakistan to represent South Asian Muslim countries in IDB

Pakistan will represent the Group of four South Asian Muslim countries in the board of executive directors of IDB this year , while Afghanistan, Maldive and Bangladesh will also be members by rotation. The board is responsible to take decisions on IDB funding. The proposal was made by Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar here in a meeting , which was ... Read More »