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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Hundreds feared dead as suicide bombers and gunmen storm mosque in northern Nigeria during Friday prayers


At least 120 people are feared dead and 270 more injured after gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a mosque in northern Nigeria during Friday prayers this afternoon. Witnesses reported three separate explosions and said the gunmen opened fire on worshippers in the assault at the Grand mosque in Kano, in the west African country’s second-largest city. Nigerian Captain Ikechukwu Eze ... Read More »

Cement-makers may end coal import from South Africa


KARACHI: Local cement exporters are considering ending procurement of coal from South Africa and exploring options to import it from a Muslim country. In view of an ongoing investigation initiated by the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) on alleged dumping of Portland Cement from Pakistan on the application received from four leading South African cement makers, the local industry is ... Read More »

Islamic State spreading into northern Africa, alarming U.S.

In its war to create a caliphate across Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State is opening a front in North Africa, where affiliated militants are wreaking havoc in eastern Libya and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula — presenting a complex challenge for Washington and its allies in the region. Through its savvy use of social media and slick production of recruitment videos, the Islamic State — also known by ... Read More »

Canada: Ottawa Shooting – Is One Muslim Man’s Drug-Crazed Rampage Terrorism?


Ottawa lockdown after Parliament shooting on Oct. 22. Courtesy The Independent Originally published by WhoWhatWhy In a bygone, saner era, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s murder of Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo and subsequent shooting rampage inside the Parliament would have been treated as a drug-related murder. Not so in the age of terrorism. Instead, the authorities used the long-time crack addict and Muslim’s actions to whip ... Read More »

Jonathan Kay: Jihad’s amateur hour

Ahmad Rouleau.JPG

Five weeks have passed since Michael Zehaf-Bibeau killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. It awakened Canada to a new kind of violence: “lone-wolf terrorism.” The pessimist says there’s no way to stop this new scourge, because the conspiracy to kill exists entirely in the head of a (possibly insane) one-man terrorist group. Even gun control ... Read More »

PM Lee holds dialogue with religious, community leaders on ISIS threat


The threat of terrorism can cause doubts and sow division between communities, but Singapore has avoided this danger, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at a dialogue on the country’s participation in the coalition against Islamic State (ISIS). Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at a dialogue with community and religious leaders on the country’s participation in the multinational coalition ... Read More »

Thailand rights criticism over Pattani death sentences


Rights groups have criticised Thailand for giving death sentences to five suspected militants convicted of killing four soldiers. Pattani Provincial Court found the men guilty on Wednesday of opening fire on the soldiers while they were on patrol in the southern province July 2012. Human Rights Watch accused Thailand of double standards, saying the army was also responsible for rights ... Read More »

Puncturing The Myths Of Radical Islam In Central Asia

The notion that authoritarian governments and their enablers abroad cynically exaggerate the threat of radical Islamism in Central Asia has become widely accepted. But even well-meaning analysts of Central Asia tend to perpetuate similar myths about politics and Islam, two scholars argue in a new report. The report, The Myth of Post-Soviet Muslim Radicalization in the Central Asian Republics, was published by British think ... Read More »

Dr Anwar Ghani: Don’t link Muslim Kiwis to Isis terror


Muslims have lived and prayed in NZ since the mid-1800s. Photo / Glenn Jeffrey I found out about Islamic State what seems a short time ago when a reporter rang me to ask if I supported Isis. “What is an Isis?” I said. I now know they are violent individuals who cause terror wherever they go and who stand for ... Read More »

Anti-terror bill condemned for haste


People making submissions on the anti-terror bill this evening have condemned the Government for rushing it through Parliament without proper consultation. MPs on the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade select committee have sat through a second day of urgent hearings on the bill which aims to crack down on terrorist fighters. It would finish hearing submissions tomorrow morning and report ... Read More »