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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Promotion of Social Work in Nizams Era

Nizams period In Hyerabad Nizam has done for the people which you don’t SE anywhere  in Education, Hospirtal, Public Health & Docial work. Watch this:-   Read More »

Is There Any Compulsion In Adaption Of Religion

Compulsion In Religion Few Non-Muslims say still that Islam was forced to be adapted. They forget that Jews were in existence at Prophet saws, in Spain before crusade. In Crsade the Christianity was forced on Muslims in many countries but Islam was never forced. Watch this video from Ahmed Deedaad (deceased):- And also news from CNN:- IMG_2686       ... Read More »

Diabetes With Relation To TV

TV watching may Increase Diabetes As per Telangana News Channel from Hyerabad in Deccani Urdu, it has been told that watching TV for 1 Hour or more can create Diabetes. Watch this Nees in Deccani Urdu:- Watch for entertainment:-   Read More »

Muslim were asked in India to say “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”

Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Can Muslim Say Muslims were asked to say “Bhstat Mata Ki Jai” whereas Assaduddin Owaisi refused on as Islam does not allow to say Jai of Women where as Tahiruk Wadri, a Pakistani national said so in a Qaudria meeting during his address, imee could read news. see what Sikhs of India say:  See this photo ... Read More »

12 Wonders of Jama’at

Jamm’at is when muslims gather to make salah in which one is the Imam who leads and the rest are muqtadee who follow him; there is great reward for jamm’at. 1) Sayeduna Anas (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that the Beloved Prophet (Swall Allahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Whoever reads Salah with Jamm’at for forty days with the first takbeer * ; ... Read More »

Etiquette of Eating

Aisha Siddiqa (Radi Allahu anha) narrates that the Prophet of Allah said, “Whenever one eats then he should say the name of Allah (say ) and if he forgets to say Bismillah in the beginning then he should say, “” (Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, and Hakim) Wahshi Bin Harb (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that the Prophet of Allah said, “Eat together ... Read More »

EU migrant crisis: France starts clearing Calais ‘Jungle’

French demolition teams acting on an eviction order have begun dismantling huts with hammers in part of the Calais migrant camp known as the Jungle.They seem to be leaving inhabited huts intact as they move through the camp’s southern sector, with riot police standing by in support.Two bulldozers have appeared on the periphery and a water cannon has been deployed ... Read More »

Can technology help us improve upon reality?

Imagine walking on Mars and being able to examine rock formations from all angles, or collaborating on the same 3D hologram design with someone thousands of miles away.Or imagine being able to diagnose and treat the diseases of people half way around the world while you remain in your clinic, or walking around a gallery and having your own holographic ... Read More »

India budget to boost farm growth

India’s government has unveiled a budget aimed at boosting farm growth and appealing to the rural poor. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said he planned to double the income of struggling farmers in the next five years.Having overtaken China as the world’s fastest-growing economy, India is seen as a bright spot in the global economy.But it has been hit by slowing ... Read More »

Is the US undermining India’s solar power programme?

Whatever happened to all the talk of international co-operation to tackle climate change that we heard during the climate conference in Paris just a few months ago? That is what many environmentalists are asking after the United States delivered a damaging blow to India’s ambitious solar power programme this week.In response to a US complaint, a World Trade Organization (WTO) ... Read More »