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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Pakistan Development-7

PAKISTAN DEVELOPMENT-7 Extreme Uncertainty of Pakistan Government   The Government did not agree on TOR whereas the opposition has given enough time. When the PM Nawaz Shareef attended the Parliament, Imran Khan was well prepared to present the proof in the Parliament and ask questions to PM whereas Khursheed Sha, the opposition leader announced walked out. Imran Khan had no ... Read More »

Muslim World Network Under Islamic Environment

I have received the following letter from the Admin, Muslim World Network for publication. It produced here as under, we request all to read in detail & take action. It is very useful for Masajid & Islamic Organizations:-   A HUMBLE START TOWARDS ISLAMIC NETWORK WITH FREE NETWORKING TOOLS   اسلام و عليكم   DON’T YOU DREAM TO HAVE ISLAMIC ... Read More »