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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Dubai Customs Launches Drug Smart Encyclopedia

Dubai Customs has recently launched the Drug Smart Encyclopedia, the latest innovation by the Customs Training Center at Dubai Customs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Federal Police School in Sharjah. The encyclopedia is the first of its kind worldwide, and includes all types of drugs illustrated by information, images, and videos, with examples of different ... Read More »

A Catholic Church Becomes a Mosque on Fridays

A Catholic Church turns into a mosque every Friday, to enable the Muslim believers to offer their Jumha prayers. In the parish of Our Lady of Assumption of Ponzano Veneto near Venice, the romantic city of Italy, the main hall is converted for use for Jumah prayers.The pastor of the parish, Don Aldo Danieli, 71, affirms, “It’s useless to speak ... Read More »

Jakarta governor election a ‘litmus test’ of Indonesian Islam

Incumbent Ahok, a Christian from the ethnic Chinese minority, fights to retain office after a campaign charged with racial and religious intolerance Millions of Jakarta residents will go to the polls on Wednesday in a vote that is being seen as a “litmus test” of Indonesian Islam. In the capital of the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, the incumbent Jakarta governor ... Read More »

Austrian government promises Muslim veil ban in attempt to appease right-wing voters

Austria’s coalition government has promised to ban Muslim face-covering veils and to restrict eastern European workers’ access to the labour market, in a package of policies aimed at countering the rise of the far-right Freedom Party. The anti-Islam Freedom Party (FPO) has topped opinion polls for months, boosted by the influx of more than a million migrants into Europe in the ... Read More »

Amazing clock inventions from the Islamic world

Knowing the correct time of the day for daily affairs is important and it is the inventions from Muslim scientists who have impacted current clock technologies.  From the earliest days of Islam, the importance of timing was never underestimated. The Islamic heritage has left today’s Muslims with an ancient heritage of clocks. Using the most advanced technology of their time, ... Read More »

First major Quran exhibition in US set to open

Forty-seven centuries old handwritten Qurans from Turkey will be presented Saturday at the first major Quran exhibition here at the Smithsonian Institution. The Qurans were brought from the more than 100-year-old Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul. The exhibition will also include 18 Qurans from the permanent collections of the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M.Sackler ... Read More »


Hyderabad: ‘Mera Paigham Mohabbat Hai Jahan Tak Pahunchay’ a book authored by senior journalist Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan will be released on Tuesday, at 5 pm, at Golden Jubilee Hall, Siasat premises. Siasat editor Mr. Zahid Ali Khan will release the book. News editor Siasat Mr. Amer Ali Khan and Director Urdu Academy Telangana, Prof. S A Shukoor will be ... Read More »

Islamic scholars call on faithful to help fight climate change

Muslim scholars from 20 countries issued an “Islamic Declaration on Climate Change” on Tuesday, calling on the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to do their part to eliminate dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and commit to renewable energy sources. The declaration, which draws on Islamic teachings, was drafted by academics and finalized at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium held in Istanbul ... Read More »


Hadth-79 Abu Hurairah narrated that : the Messenger of Allah said: “The deed are presented on Monday and Thursday, so I love that me deed be presented while I am fasting.” Al-Tirmidhi-747 (Hasan) Read More »

Indian are warned to be careful drinking tea at Railway stations

Indian are warned to be careful drinking tea at Railway stations Indian citizens are warned read this video & take care:   Read More »