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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Chinese family reunites 500 members for rare photo

More than 500 members of one Chinese family have posed for the ultimate family photo. The pictures were taken at a Ren family reunion at Shishe village in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang. It was held last week during the Lunar New Year period, which is usually marked by the Chinese with large family gatherings and meals. Photographer Zhang Liangzong ... Read More »

Prize fight over live-streamed sport will go on long after the final bell sounds

When a Brisbane boxing fan who paid $59.95 for “live and exclusive” viewing of last Friday’s Danny Green v Anthony Mundine boxing match streamed it off his TV through a smartphone and Facebook Live, he landed quite a blow beneath Foxtel’s belt. An estimated 300,000 tuned in via this and another unauthorised stream. This is the latest skirmish over premium ... Read More »

The tragic story of Soviet genetics shows the folly of political meddling in science

A few years ago, one of us (Ian) was lucky enough to be invited to visit the N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry in St Petersburg, Russia. Every plant breeder or geneticist knows of Nikolai Vavilov and his ceaseless energy in collecting important food crop varieties from all over the globe, and his application of genetics to plant improvement.Vavilov championed ... Read More »

Senegal’s teachers struggle with the clash between science and faith

Senegal is a deeply religious country. About 90% of the West African nation’s residents are Muslim, about 5% are Christian and the rest identify as animist – they believe that natural objects, idols or fetishes have magical power. Many Senegalese embrace at least some elements of animism even if they are Muslim or Christian. In spite of its citizens’ beliefs, ... Read More »

Donald Trump Presidency, a blessing or disgrace

Donald Trump Presidency, a blessing or disgrace We received this message st what’s up:   Read More »

Muslims have the lowest rate of enrolment in higher education in India

Despite almost trebling in the decade ending 2010 – from 5.2% to 13.8% – the rate of Muslim enrolment in higher education trailed the national figure of 23.6% and that of other backward classes (22.1%) and scheduled castes (18.5%). Scheduled tribes lagged Muslims by 0.5%. The rate of enrolment is a measure of the number of enrolments in higher education, ... Read More »

Italy: Muslims demand Italy recognizes more mosques

ROME (AA): Hundreds of Muslims prayed in front of Rome’s Colosseum on Friday in protest at the closure of unofficial mosques. They called on city authorities to protect their religious rights and demanded legal status for prayer rooms in a country where only a small number of mosques are officially registered. Francesco Terri, a spokesman for the Lazio Muslim Association, ... Read More »

US scientists listen to deepest part of ocean

SAN FRANCISCO (AA) — Researchers used waterproof microphones to eavesdrop on the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean and announced Wednesday that they were surprised to hear a cacophony of noise — natural and man-made. For three weeks, a team of researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Oregon State University and the U.S. Coast Guard used a ... Read More »

Jammu Kashmir: Muslim-wide US ban as Indian Muslim athletes barred

SRINAGAR, Jammu Kashmir (AA): Two Indian Muslim athletes were denied visas to the U.S. on Tuesday in the wake of President Donald Trump’s entry ban on people from seven Muslim states. Abid Khan and Tanveer Hussain, from the Muslim-majority region of Kashmir, are Indian passport holders. India is not on the list of banned nations. They had been invited to ... Read More »

Russia: Half of Russians oppose school headscarf ban

MOSCOW (AA): Half of Russians are in favor of lifting a headscarf ban in schools, according to a poll released Tuesday. The Russian Public Opinion Research Center survey found one in two supported lifting the ban while 37 percent believed it was “impossible” to do. Elena Mikhailova, director of special programs at the center, said a low level of awareness ... Read More »