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Full Disclosure: A Strategic Choice But Also a Political One

The answers from disability services coordinators at the eight colleges my daughter Sam and I visited (almost all small, liberal arts programs) ranged from none at all to a couple dozen “after they come out of the woodwork by their senior year.” Of course none of these campuses really has no neurodiversity. Every service coordinator qualified her answer (they were ... Read More »

Heroism vs. The Bystander Effect

Many of us have been raised to try to live by the altruistic proverb known as “The Golden Rule”: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But in more recent times, instead of being purely altruistic, “The Rule” seems to have bent to reflect reciprocal altruism: I’ll help others now and one day, when I need ... Read More »

Massive Study Clarifies Genetic Risks of Major Depression

Progress in genetic approaches are transforming many areas of medicine, including psychiatry. While the genetics of schizophrenia have been most actively studied, major depressive disorder (MDD) is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide, causing a massive toll of human suffering and economic loss, according to the World Health Organization (link is external). As with psychiatric conditions in ... Read More »

correspondents association denounces michelle wolf-speech

he White House Correspondents’ Association has joined in on the criticism of comedian Michelle Wolf — releasing a statement on Sunday, denouncing her routine. “Last night’s program was meant to offer a unifying message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press while honoring civility, great reporting and scholarship winners, not to divide people,” said WHCA President Margaret ... Read More »

Antonio Banderas taps into Picasso’s complicated ‘Genius’

As a teenager growing up in Malaga, Spain, Antonio Banderas felt that the people of his hometown were never able to pay proper homage to its most famous son: Pablo Picasso, who died a political exile from the rule of military dictator Francisco Franco. “Picasso died in 1973, so it was impossible to receive the applause of the people of ... Read More »

Mitt Romney showed up to taunt Russell Westbrook like everyone else

The Knicks have Spike Lee, the Lakers have Jack Nicholson and the Raptors can claim Drake. The Jazz now have – Mitt Romney. The former Republican nominee for president – and current candidate for senate in Utah – was sitting right behind the scorer’s table for the Jazz’s Game 4 against the Thunder on Monday night in Salt Lake City. ... Read More »

Quarterly iPhone sales may dip thanks to weak demand in China

The weather may be getting warmer, but iPhone sales are cooling off. Sales of Apple’s popular smartphone will fall roughly 15 percent in the current quarter — thanks to weaker demand in China, one Wall Street analyst said Friday. Apple iPhone sales in the quarter ending June 30 will fall to 34 million units from earlier estimates of 40.1 million, ... Read More »

Names of victims in deadly Waffle House shooting released

  Police have released the names of the four people who died after being shot at a Nashville Waffle House. In a news release, Metropolitan Nashville Police identified those killed Sunday as 29-year-old restaurant worker Taurean C. Sanderlin of Goodlettsville, 20-year-old restaurant patron Joe R. Perez of Nashville, and 23-year-old Akilah Dasilva of Nashville. The statement says Sanderlin and Perez ... Read More »

Cancel Cells growth

Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins:  1. Every person has cancer cells in the body.. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, it just means the tests are unable to detect the ... Read More »

5 Protection Techniques For Sensitive People

Learn to feel balanced and protected from sensory overload and negativity I’m a physician and an empath. In my medical practice of over two decades, I specialize in treating highly sensitive people and empaths like myself. We feel everything, often to an extreme, and have little guard up between ourselves and others. As a result, we often become overwhelmed by ... Read More »