Monday , 27 May 2019

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AAP mocks Amit Shah Inquiry, says he himself complicit in converting black money

By Abdul Bari Masoud
New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party today described BJP MPs and MLAs Inquiry by Amit Shah as a farce. Taking a dig at BJP chief, the AAP said he
himself was complicit in converting black money through land deals.
Addressing the media here, AAP’s senior leader and national spokesperson
Ashish Khetan said the PM Modi has perpetrated the biggest scam in the
history of India through the Note Ban and has cheated citizens on multiple
levels. His latest announcement of an inquiry of BJP MPs and MLAs from 8
November by BJP President Amit Shah is the biggest insult as Amit Shah
himself was complicit in converting black money through land deals.
“The various land deals done by the BJP across the country, just before the
note ban proves that the Prime Minister had alerted his party men and
cronies about the note ban.
The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP Party President themselves were
involved in converting BJP’s black money to land through various deals in
Bihar, Kerala, Rajasthan, and Orissa,” Khetan said.
Just before 8 November, BJP West Bengal Unit deposited crores of cash in
their account – Ac No 554510034. If that was not proof enough, then come
the land deals of Amit Shah where he clearly instructed state units to
complete the land deals before 7 November.
He said Amit Shah wrote a letter to state unit members authorizing them to
make these land deals. Land was purchased in 5 places in Bihar, 4 places in
Orissa and in Kota in Rajasthan, and the deals were all done just prior to
the note ban with substantial amount of cash transactions. The Aam Aadmi
Party demands that there should be a case registered against Amit Shah of
cheating and criminal breach of faith.
“When the Prime Minister was sworn in he took an oath to safeguard secrecy.
However, by letting his party persons and cronies know about the note ban
before hand and helping them convert their black money safely, Narendra
Modi has broken his oath. The media has revealed that all state units were
asked to buy land by Amit Shah in writing and he also provided the money
for the deal through various means – cash, demand drafts and cheques. The
state BJP leaders were merely the authorized signatories but the mastermind
was Amit Shah,” alleged Dilip Pandey.
The Aam Aadmi Party said if the Prime Minister is really serious about
getting rid of black money then he should constitute a free, fair and
independent committee of reputed persons which should investigate not just
BJP MPs and MLAs but of all parties.
The committee should also inquire the land deals of the BJPs done just
before the Note Ban.
The committee should also investigate those corporate that are extremely
close to the Prime Minister like PayTM, BigBazaar, and RelianceJio who may
have been alerted earlier as they seem to be direct beneficiaries of the
Note Ban.