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Africans, Muslims discovered Americas confirms Turkey President Erdogan

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African Americans have long been derided for claiming native American ancestry and that Africans populated the Americas long before Columbus and the Europeans colonials set sails for the American continents.  Weekly, the History Channel runs a television series called Ancient Aliens which seeks to convince viewers that it was not ancient men of color, but aliens from another world, who built the megalithic structures and pyramids of the Americas, and which founded the Olmec, Aztec and Mayan civilizations.  But the West’s revisionist history campaign suffered a setback when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the world that Black Muslims reached America 300 years before Columbus.

Erdogan addressed an audience of Muslim leaders from America at a summit in Istanbul on November 16.  The Anadolu news agency quotes him saying that “Muslims discovered America. The religion of Islam was widespread in the American continent long before Columbus’s arrival.

Erdogan claimed that Muslim sailors reached the American continent in 1178. He explained why this event didn’t have the same results as Columbus’s discovery did:

The religion of Islam was not used as a means to enslave, colonize, or abuse. While others are using their religions to submit and enslave even further, the Muslims and Muslim nations aspire to win the hearts, and glorify the name of Allah.”

These claims caused an outburst of sneering. more

But Erdogan’s claims are backed by credible sources suppressed by mainstream media in the Americas, including medieval and early modern historians as well as Professor Barry Fell at Harvard moors arabs 2

Dr. Barry Fell, a noted New Zealand archaeologist and linguist of Harvard University showed detailed existing evidence in his work, “Saga America” that Muslims were not only in the Americas before Columbus arrived, but very active there as well. The language of the Pima people in the South West and the Algonquian language had many words in their vocabulary that were Arabic in origin, and Islamic petroglyphs were found in places such as California.

In the Inyo county of the State of California, according to Fell, there is another petroglyph that states, “Yasus bin Maria” which means in Arabic, “Jesus, son of Mary”. This is not a Christian phrase; in fact, the phrase is to be found in the verses and ayahs of the Holy Quran. This glyph, as Fell believes, is centuries older than the US. In the Western states of the US he found texts, diagrams and charts engraved on rocks that were used for schooling that dated back to 700-800 C.E. The schooling was in subjects such as mathematics, history, geography, astronomy and sea navigation. The language of instruction was Kufic Arabic, from North Africa.

The German art historian, Alexander Von Wuthenau, also provides evidence that Islamic peoples were in America, in the time between 300 and 900 C.E. This was at least half a millennium before Columbus was born! Carved heads, that were described as “Moorish-looking” were dated between 300 and 900 C.E. and another group of heads dated between 900 and 1500 C.E. An artifact found in the earlier group was photographed, and when later examined was found to resemble an old man in a Fez, like the Egyptians.

Ivan Van Sertima is widely renowned for his work, “They Came Before Columbus” which showed that there was definitely contact between the ancient and early African people with the Native Americans. This and another of his works, “African Presence in Early America” both prove that there were African Muslim settlements in the Americas, before the expedition of Columbus was even conceived. His research has shown that Arab Muslim trade was active in America and one can only imagine that the marvellous culture that the Native Americans had that shared so much with Islamic teachings was of great attraction to the Muslims that came so far across the sea.

And for the record, Christopher Columbus, the man who so-called discovered America, himself declared that his impression of the Carib people (i.e., Caribbean people) were “Mohemmedans.” He knew of the Mandinka presence in the New World (Muslims) and that Muslims from the West coast of Africa had settled down in the Carribean, Central, South and North America. Unlike Columbus, they had not come to enslave the populations or plunder the land; they had come to trade and they married among the Natives. Columbus further admitted that on October 21st, 1492, as he was sailing past Gibara on the coast of Cuba, he saw a mosque, and remnants of other masjids have been found in Cuba, Mexico, Texas and Nevada.”