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This Is How Islam Rose from Rwanda Ashes

For thousands of people in Rwanda, the sight of Muslims taking people inside mosques to protect them during genocide was the moment they decided to convert to Islam. “I was a Catholic pastor before genocide,” Matabaro Sulaiman told TRT World. When the genocide in Rwanda began in 1994, the 49-year-old suffered a crisis of faith watching the churches, in which he ... Read More »

Calgary Launches First Anti-Hate Task Force

Dozens of Calgarians of different religious, racial, and cultural backgrounds have come together to launch the city’s first anti-hate task force, Global News reported. “Coming together is for our children our community,” Mukarram Zaidi with the Think for Action think tank said. “If we want to live together, we have to respect and love. We have to respect each other‘s culture and ... Read More »

Fiji’s Largest Mosque Opens in Lautoka

LAUTOKA – In the Melanesian Pacific region just to the northeast of New Zealand, Fijian Muslims celebrated on April 6 the opening of Fiji’s largest mosque in the island nation’s second biggest city, Lautoka, FBC News reported. “By having a Masjid like this, the young generation is brought to the Masjid and because of that they are taught the good things,” organizing ... Read More »

Muslim Youth Embrace Islamic Pride in Houston

Assalam Regards At his Houston-area high school, 17-year-old Mohamad Alwan is one of the students spreading the word about the newly formed Muslim Student Association (MSA). The new group, which was only formed this school year, boasts about 30 Muslim students and even a sprinkling of non-Muslims. “We (Muslims) can’t hide in the shadows,” Mohamad, a junior, told “We have to ... Read More »

NEW ZEALAND ATTACK New Zealand gun lobby backs ban after Christchurch mosques attack

New Zealand will crack down on firearms ownership this week after the Christchurch mosques massacre that killed 50 people. In stark contrast to the United States, where even the most minor curbs on gun ownership meet ferocious opposition led by the National Rifle Association, New Zealand gun owners agree action is needed. “We want to support our government in any changes to prevent ... Read More »

Hate crimes against Muslims top 320 in Belfast

Image captionSome foreign families living in Northern Ireland have been the target of racist attacks in recent years There have been at least 320 hate crimes against people from a Muslim background in Belfast alone over the past five years. That is one of the findings of detailed research into the experiences of people from the Muslim community in the ... Read More »

Rural Llanbedr chapel could be turned into a mosque

Image copyrightGOOGLE Image captionThe chapel has been closed for some time and is said to be deteriorating A historic rural chapel could be turned into a mosque. The Grade II listed Moriah Methodist chapel in Llanbedr, near Harlech, was originally built in 1856 but the present structure dates back to 1913. Plans have been submitted to Snowdonia National Park Authority ... Read More »

Why did New Zealand intelligence fail to catch attack suspect?

Massacre of 50 Muslims prompts conversations about alt-right, spies and Islamophobia in New Zealand and elsewhere. For authorities seeking to shut down vitriolic narratives, the shift in white supremacists’ approach means authorities often struggle to identify where legitimate threats come from [AFP] Christchurch, New Zealand – A week of national mourning, new gun-control laws and emphatic declarations of “This is not us” ... Read More »

‘New Zealand cares’: Thousands attend Christchurch attack vigil

Christchurch, New Zealand – Thousands of New Zealanders have attended a mass vigil in Christchurch to mourn the 50 Muslims killed in an attack on two mosques. Nearly 40,000 people filled Christchurch’s Hagley Park on Saturday evening, according to local officials, almost 10 days after a suspected white supremacist attacked the Al Noor and Linwood mosques. The March 15 massacre marked the worst mass shooting in ... Read More »

Indian Kashmiri Muslims harassed back to Kashmir

Indian Kashmiri Muslims harassed back to Kashmir 29th Mar 2019 Some Kashmiri students at Haryana University (top) had to lock themselves in their hostel rooms and could not step out even to get food (Photo: MDU Rohtak/Creative Commons) Sajeda Haider The collateral damage of the latest military stand-off between long-term enemies India and Pakistan has been Kashmiri Muslim students living ... Read More »