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Rare Quranic manuscripts draws hordes in Kashmir

An exhibition of rare Quranic manuscripts, elegant calligraphic works and art masterpieces is drawing hordes of people here and behind all of it is a Hindu family. Suresh Abrol, the man who has painstakingly preserved these valuable manuscripts, says these are part of his grandfather Lala Rekhi Ram Abrol’s collections. He was a jeweller in the court of Maharaja Hari ... Read More »

Keith Ellison poised to leave Congress after filing to run for Minnesota attorney general

DNC vice-chair enters Minnesota attorney general race, saying he’s inspired by states’ fights against Trump travel ban  The first Muslim elected to Congress is poised to leave it, after filing to run for attorney general in Minnesota. Keith Ellison is also vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a post he will probably have to leave. Ellison filed the papers to ... Read More »

The Universal Language of Facial Expressions

Duchenne markers around the eye area make people seem more sincere and intense. Photographers and songwriters have long known that the wrinkles around someone’s eyes are a universal way to convey emotional intensity and gritty authenticity. In the iconic 1936 photo of Florence Owens Thompson known as “Migrant Mother (link is external),” Dorothea Lange conveyed the hardship and suffering of ... Read More »

Be an Autodidact?

Self-teaching often trumps courses as a way to learn. Courses are often required, for example, for legal certification. But sometimes you can avoid courses, which are often costly, inconvenient, and larded with masses of material you’ll never use or have forgotten or become obsolete by the time you need it. For many people and for many things you’ll want to ... Read More »

The False Promises of Ethical Design

Ethical design of digital devices matters, but it’s not enough. At its annual conference for software developers, Apple announced a new feature of its forthcoming iOS12 for the iPhone (link is external)—a tool called Screen Time that the company says will help consumers manage the time they spend on their phones. The idea is that once we are shown how ... Read More »

5 Tips for Better Decision Making

When to use slow cognition versus fast intuition to make a decision. Traditional economics does an excellent job explaining human decision-making in situations where people have all the facts and are thinking logically. Nevertheless, in our everyday lives, we often do not have complete information and decisions can have an emotional impact as well. Dealing with these uncertain and risky ... Read More »

Argentina cancels football match with Israel amid protests

An upcoming friendly match between Argentina and Israel’s national football teams in Jerusalem has been cancelled, Argentine media reported Wednesday. The Argentine Football Association said they had informed their Israeli counterparts about the decision. The match, which was slated for June 9, was set to be played in Jerusalem’s Teddy Kollek Stadium but had drawn intense reactions, especially from Palestinians. ... Read More »

New Crescent Moon of Shawwal [Eid]

The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) is on 13th June, 2018 (Wednesday) at 19.43 GMT. On 13th June, it is not possible to see the crescent anywhere. On 13th June, the moon can be seen easily in Western Africa, most of USA, Central and Southern America.  More Information: Read More »

There Is a New Link Between Screen-Time and Autism

Brains at every age, especially developing ones, adapt to the environment in which they find themselves. What worries a growing number of advocates are the potential risks of heavy screen exposure, including, they believe, the hastening of autism in the young and attention deficit–hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in older children [1]. Dangers seem to lurk everywhere when one becomes a parent, ... Read More »

Iran protests terrorists sneaking into country from Iraqi Kurdistan

Erbil, June 13, IRNA – Iran’s Consullate General in Erbil expressed Tehran’s protest against the infiltration of terrorist grouplets into the country from the Iraqi Kurdistan region.  Tehran’s protest note was delivered during a meeting between a delegation from Iran’s Consulate General in Erbil and an official at the region’s Department of Foreign Affairs Siham Mamand. In the note, Iran ... Read More »