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Central Africa

Muslim Aid launches its Ramadan campaign for 2014

Muslim Aid launched its Ramadan Campaign at the Grand Connaught Rooms. With the combined efforts of the staff members and volunteers, this campaign will raise funds for projects assisting poor and vulnerable communities throughout the year as well as ensuring they receive vital sustenance during the month of Ramadan. The theme of Ramadan campaign Give Freedom highlights the importance of ... Read More »

Islam Investment in CAR

Current economic difficulties are proving to be a source of growth for Islam in the CAR. Already a significant number of businesses are owned by immigrant Muslim Lebanese, Arabs, Haussas, Senegalese, Malians and Chadians. Several Arab countries are openly multiplying their gifts and investments in the CAR with the goal of encouraging the proclamation of Islam. Even some very remote ... Read More »

Understanding Muslims in Central African Republic (CAR)


After three tumultuous decades of misrule – mostly by military governments – a civilian government was installed in 1993. As indicated by its name, the Central African Republic (CAR) is a country situated in the geographical center of Africa. It has a varied climate and beautiful physical features, from the tropical rain forest in the south to the sub Sahara ... Read More »

Angry Muslims in Central African Republic call for partition

A general view of the town of Bambari

In this dusty town at the heart of the Central African Republic, many angry Muslims advocate a simple solution to the threat of religious violence from Christian militias terrorizing the country’s south: partition. Bambari lies near the dividing line separating Central African Republic’s Christian south – where mobs have lynched hundreds of Muslims and torn down their homes – from ... Read More »

1,200 Muslims Leave Central African Republic Capital

(BANGUI, Central African Republic) — Heavily armed African and French peacekeepers escorted some of the last remaining Muslims out of Central African Republic’s volatile capital on Sunday, trucking more than 1,200 people who for months had been trapped in their neighborhood by violent Christian militants. Within minutes of the convoy’s departure, an angry swarm of neighbors descended upon the mosque ... Read More »

Muslims march in Central African Republic capital, call for evacuation

Hundreds of Muslims marched in their last major enclave in Central African Republic’s capital Bangui on Saturday, protesting against a call by the president that they disarm and demanding their safe evacuation from the city. A tense calm has returned to Bangui following two days of violence ignited by an attack by Muslim gunmen on a church on Wednesday. In ... Read More »

Hundreds of Muslims spend months sheltered at Central African Republic church

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Muslim refugee children carry firewood for cooking at the Catholic church compound in Carnot, Central African Republic. Christian fighters in the area have threatened to burn down the church sheltering over 900 Muslim refugees and have made death threats against the priests who work there. Yet the presence of armed African peacekeepers at the church compounds’ gates has kept the ... Read More »

Muslims Flee Central African Republic Capital

BANGUI, Central African Republic—Some 1,300 of the last remaining Muslims in this capital city left on Sunday, escorted by African peacekeepers through a gauntlet of jeering Christians after months trapped in a squalid camp surrounded by lynch mobs. Their departure was a stark illustration of a country effectively cleaved along religious lines. As the last of 22 packed trucks cleared ... Read More »