Monday , 21 January 2019

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North Africa

ISIS’ Global Network Expands: At Least 12 Military Allies in 9 Countries Beyond Iraq, Syria


The Islamic State terrorist organization now has at least 12 known military allies, operating in nine countries outside of Iraq and Syria, that have publicly pledged their allegiances to the caliphate of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. As Islamic State leadership continues to call on extremists worldwide to wreak havoc on the West,’s Daily Intelligencer reports that the Terrorism ... Read More »

Why did a Washington cathedral offer Islamic Friday prayers?


It wasn’t the first time the Muslim call to prayer was echoed in the Washington National Cathedral, however, last week marked the first time a Friday prayer service was held in the church. It was a symbolic event exemplifying tolerance, coexistence and shared humanity. The cathedral is a marvelous architectural beauty, the magnanimity of its façade is complemented by the ... Read More »

Islamic State has toehold in lawless Libya, experts say


TRIPOLI, Libya — With Libya engulfed in chaos, the town of Derna in the east of the largely lawless country is emerging as a new stronghold for the Islamic State jihadist group, experts say The North African state has been wracked by instability since the overthrow of autocratic leader Moamer Kadhafi in 2011, providing a fertile ground for Islamic extremists. ... Read More »

Swiftboating in the Islamic Republic


Last  week, hundreds of billboards appeared across Iran depicting tAs the deadline for a deal over Iran’s nuclear program approaches, it is just the latest example of how hard-liners in Tehran are using Shiite history to undermine President Hassan Rouhani’s efforts to strike a deal with the United States.   The billboards were part of an effort by organizations affiliated ... Read More »

Libya: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Last Stand?


Libya is a failing state. The central government has no control of even the capital Tripoli, which is now controlled by competing militias. The General National Congress of Libya (GNC), due to hand over power on Aug. 4 to a newly elected parliament, has long been controlled by the militias. In the past three years, the GNC has failed to ... Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood party quits Libya’s government

Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan speaks during a joint news conference at the headquarters of the Prime Minister's Office in Tripoli

Muslim Brotherhood party quits Libya’s government Libya’s Prime Minister Ali Zeidan speaks during a joint news conference at the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Office in Tripoli, Nov. 10, 2013. (Reuters) Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood Justice and Construction Party, the second largest force in parliament, withdraw on Tuesday its five ministers from Prime Minister Ali Zeidan’s government, including the oil minister. ... Read More »

French Muslims denounce “cowardly murder” of tour guide in Algeria

French Muslims denounce “cowardly murder” of tour guide in Algeria  FRANCE ALGERIA MUSLIM ISLAMIC STATE BEHEADING ISIS ISIL PROTEST FRENCH Thousands of Muslims gathered across France on Friday to denounce the beheading of tourist Herve Gourdel by militants in Algeria who said their act was a response to French strikes against Islamic State fighters. France’s five-million-strong Muslim population is the ... Read More »

Ennahda’s loss a lesson to Muslim democrats – Ahmad Farouk Musa

Perhaps the most interesting event that has happened in the Muslim world recently is the rise and fall of Hizbun Nahdah or The Renaissance Party of Tunisia. To many Islamists around the world today, Ennahda is a model of a moderate Islamic movement that embraces democracy. Its leader Rachid Ghannouchi, who lived in exile in London during the time of ... Read More »

Libya: Unidentified aerial bombardments drag region into conflict

Libya: Unidentified aerial bombardments drag region into conflict September brought signs that North African governments and their regional allies may have embarked on a generalised conflict for control of an atomising Libya – creating a new DRC-type conflict where regional players line up to intervene in a mineral-rich but failing state. Analysts interpreted the bombing of Libyan targets in August ... Read More »

Dreams and Visions: Revival Hits Muslim N. Africa

Dreams and Visions: Revival Hits Muslim N. Africa ALONG THE MEDITERRANEAN — A Christian revival is touching the northernmost reaches of Africa. In a region once hostile to the Gospel, now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, Muslims across Northern Africa are converting to faith in Jesus Christ in record ... Read More »