Monday , 21 January 2019

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South Africa

South African Muslims reject the violence of extremists


“As South African Muslims, we reject the actions of groups that have adopted murder, kidnapping and violence against innocent people, the destruction of schools, sacred spaces and forced conversions in the name of Islam,” says the petition on, titled “Reject Violence in the Name of Islam”. Economist Sha’ista Goga, who initiated the petition, said she had done so because, ... Read More »

‘Can Muslims keep silent while testament to Islam is bulldozed?’

Like the shifting sands of the Arabian Desert, the rich Islamic Heritage left behind by Prophet Mohammed (SAW) has virtually disappeared, thanks to the Saudi Monarch’s expansionist plan to turn the Holy Land into another Dubai. When South Africa’s 2 500 accredited hujjaj visit the blessed cities of Makkah and Madina this Haj season, they are in for a rude ... Read More »

A Gaza mother amidst the airstrikes

As a photojournalist, stepping into war isn’t a dilemma for me. It is my instinct to grab my cameras and run out to document the man-made misery, the horrors of war, each and every time hoping humanity will get the lesson. But nothing prepared me to understand how to raise children in a war zone — not even having been ... Read More »

Eidgah with a diverse community of Muslims grows

Women’s presence at outdoor Eid prayer is well documented in Muslim history and widely supported in contemporary Muslim practice outside of South Africa. In Durban, however, women only found a welcoming outdoor community congregation when a small band of out-of-the-box thinkers decided they no longer wished to return to the poorly constructed sisters section that opened beyond the garbage bins ... Read More »

Thinking about social justice at the time of Eid-ul-Fitr – Awqaf

Eid ul’fitr means the return of the annual celebration of the conscious purification of the mind, soul and body – the root word means becoming altered from a former state. Ramadan is a blessed opportunity for us to strive for the control of our ego , emotions and our personal and social behaviour. Through fasting we can transcend the baser ... Read More »

African Ramadan Recipes


I ‘m not a Muslim, but I love the concept of Ramadan,” says Chef Marcus Samuelsson. “It’s about resetting your clock—bringing some spirituality to eating.” The award-winning chef has a unique global perspective on both culture and cooking. Born in Ethiopia and adopted by a Swedish family at the age of three, he made his name at the New York ... Read More »

West Street Mosque: Once a symbol of division, now a bastion of Islamic unity


The West Street Mosque in Durban central was built in 1895 to primarily serve the ethnic Surti settlers from India. Today, it is a vibrant place of prayer and gathering for Africa’s refugee and immigrant communities, reports Ismail Suder Nowhere is the spirit of Islam in Africa more evident than at the historic West Street Mosque in Durban’s city centre ... Read More »

How to prepare your body for fasting


There’s just about a week left to Ramadaan, so if you start cutting back on food and caffeine from today, it will make a difference on how easily you slip into fasting. By easing into the fast and making small changes now, you’ll increase your chances of avoiding otherwise inevitable symptoms that come with significantly decreasing food intake including headaches, ... Read More »

‘If you seek Jannah, don’t abuse me, my children’


I am a Durban mother of 4, aged 53. I married when I was just 19. I was physically and emotionally abused by my husband throughout my marriage, which was in most parts, without love or affection. Today, I am completely alone. My three daughters and a son, treat me like an outcast. I suffer from epilepsy, which triggered soon ... Read More »


Alhamdulillah, the beautiful and blessed time of Ramadan is upon us once again! As the long summer days of fasting are upon us, we will all be undergoing an intense physical and spiritual renewal. This blessed month makes our empathy and generosity towards others stronger as we share the hunger pangs which millions feel throughout the year. When we deny ... Read More »