Monday , 18 December 2017

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(CNN)One of the fairytale stories of the Rio 2016 Olympics began as a nightmare for its main protagonist. Eleven months earlier, Santiago Lange had found himself in a Barcelona operating theater, staring up at a cancer surgeon. Now, having become a gold medalist despite having most of a lung removed, the 54-year-old Argentine has returned to that same Spanish city ... Read More »

U.S. must be world policeman, says ex-NATO boss

The former chief of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has said America needs to be the world’s policeman to make sure the world is a safer place. Mr Rasmussen outlined his views in an interview with Britain’s Sky News. He said America needed to intervene in the world’s trouble spots to restore law and order. He said: “We need determined American ... Read More »

Plastic Eggs for eating from China

Plastic Eggs for eating from China Watch the Video   China is bent upon exploiting human race by making them to use plastic eggs. It has been reported from India via whatsup it is being sold in Indian market.     Read More »

Sharbat Gula shifted to FIA Detention Centre for interrogation

Nat Geo’s green-eyed ‘Afghan girl’ was arrested earlier for possessing bogus documents Sharbat Gula, the world famous face of National Geographic, was arrested on the charges of getting Pakistan’s National Identity Card through bogus ways. An official of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) confirmed that Sharbat Gula was arrested from her rented home at Nothya Peshawar on Wednesday. Soon after her ... Read More »


KASHMIR WAR SOLUTION AS SOLVED BY ANY INTELL CTUALS NOT POLTICICIANS Do we exploit human rights crimes on Civillians? Do we go go with out solution & keep killing thousands of Civillians & Army personnel just to satisfy our political ego? See the pictures below writing to watch about Indian Army atrocities which has created  question on Human Right Organisation ... Read More »


SOUTH WEST AIRLINES TO CORRECT THEIR STAFF BEHAVIOR TO BEHAVE WITH MUSKIMS & ETHNIC COMMUNITY It has been a matter of worry for Muslims Arabs & other ethnic communities to travel via  South-West Airlines. Their staff misbehave even some one uses other language other than English. Muslim most of the times were asked to devised the plain. We’re keeping up ... Read More »


WHY INDIAN GOVT SO SCARED TO PAKISTAN- ARVIND KEJRIWAL NEW DELHI: Under fire Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday hit out at the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for criticising his earlier request for proof of the “surgical strike” claimed by India. Responding to the BJP’s complaints, Kejriwal said: “If I asked [the government] to give a befitting ... Read More »

Pak army says India ‘hiding’ casualties in surgical strike

Pak army says India ‘hiding’ casualties in surgical strike  ‘We are sure that the Indian side would have suffered casualties but it is hiding details in this regard.’ Islamabad: The Pakistani Army on Saturday said that it was “sure” that Indian troops had suffered casualties in the surgical strike on terror launch pads in PoK, alleging that India was “hiding” ... Read More »

Pak hands over dossier to US on ‘rights violations in Kashmir by India’

Pak hands over dossier to US on ‘rights violations in Kashmir by India’   Pakistan said the US, being a permanent member of the UNSC, should impress upon India to immediately end the ‘state-sponsored terrorism.’ Islamabad: Pakistan has handed over a dossier to the United States on ‘grave human rights violations’ by India in Kashmir and sought the country’s intervention ... Read More »

PTI announces boycott of tomorrow’s joint session of parliament

PTI announces boycott of tomorrow’s joint session of parliament ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday announced his party’s intent to boycott a joint session of parliament scheduled for Wednesday. After much debate the party made the decision due to its stance on corruption and the prime minister’s refusal to hold himself accountable after Panamagate, Imran Khan told ... Read More »