Friday , 22 February 2019

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Indian police kill 20 sandalwood smugglers

Indian police kill 20 sandalwood smugglers Indian police shot dead 20 sandalwood smugglers on Tuesday during the biggest operation for years to stamp out trafficking of the rare commodity, law-enforcement authorities said. Opposition politicians and human rights activists challenged the report, maintaining that those killed in the incident in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh were only unarmed laborers and ... Read More »

No end in sight to Ukraine conflict as US troops come to train

No end in sight to Ukraine conflict as US troops come to train Nearly 300 U.S. troops arrived in Ukraine on Friday as a part of a long-planned U.S. mission to provide training for Ukrainian National Guard forces. But with the country’s year-old war seemingly still far from a lasting diplomatic resolution, it is not at all clear whether the U.S. ... Read More »

Procedure 303

It’s called Standard Operating Procedure 303 and it gives Homeland Security ability to kill service during emergencies Read More »

Ideology of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS): An Objective Analysis

Ideology of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS): An Objective Analysis                                                                                    By Dr. Manzoor Alam (Note about the Author: Dr. Mazoor Alam was the Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University and an ex-Professor of Geography of Osmania University, Hyderabad India. He is known for his blatant & unconcealed writing based on factual facts. His articles get published in various Indian ... Read More »

Canada: Ottawa Shooting – Is One Muslim Man’s Drug-Crazed Rampage Terrorism?


Ottawa lockdown after Parliament shooting on Oct. 22. Courtesy The Independent Originally published by WhoWhatWhy In a bygone, saner era, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s murder of Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo and subsequent shooting rampage inside the Parliament would have been treated as a drug-related murder. Not so in the age of terrorism. Instead, the authorities used the long-time crack addict and Muslim’s actions to whip ... Read More »

Jonathan Kay: Jihad’s amateur hour

Ahmad Rouleau.JPG

Five weeks have passed since Michael Zehaf-Bibeau killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. It awakened Canada to a new kind of violence: “lone-wolf terrorism.” The pessimist says there’s no way to stop this new scourge, because the conspiracy to kill exists entirely in the head of a (possibly insane) one-man terrorist group. Even gun control ... Read More »

Latin America’s Muslims say represented by ‘wrong’ people at religious summit

Those who spoke on behalf of Latin American Muslims at a recent summit in İstanbul are not the right people to represent the Muslims of the region, some Latin American Muslims have said. Jamal Saker, the president of the Islamic Association of Panama, told Today’s Zaman that the speaker billed as the representative of Panamanian Muslims at the first Latin ... Read More »

‘Muslims pre-date Columbus in discovering America,’ says Turkish president Erdogan


Muslim sailors reached the Americas more than 300 years beforeChristopher Columbus, suggested Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday. Addressing an audience of Muslim leaders from South America at a summit in Istanbul, Erdogan claimed that the link between Islam and Latin America dates as far back as the early 12th century. He said: “It is alleged that the American continent ... Read More »

Muslims discovered America before Columbus, claims Turkey’s Erdogan


In a televised speech in Istanbul, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Muslims had discovered the Americas three centuries before the voyages of Christopher Columbus. He was addressing a summit of Muslim leaders from Latin America. “Contacts between Latin America and Islam date back to the 12th century. Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus,” Erdogan said. “Muslim sailors arrived in America ... Read More »

So Muslims beat Columbus to America? They had better get in line


Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492 but the question of whether he was the first outsider to reach the continent have raged ever since. In 1492 Christopher Columbus got lost, followed some birds and wound up on some islands he’d never been to before. He came up with a plot to enslave some of the people he met there, went ... Read More »