Tuesday , 21 May 2019

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12% increase in Indians studying in the US in 2017

Indian students continue to be second leading community among international students in United States, with a rise of 12% this year, says the 2017 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange by Institute of International Education (IIE) and the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs released on Monday. The report shows that the number of Indian ... Read More »

Give Up Protocol

Give Up Protocol See Ather PM of CANADA   Read More »

GAO Raksha & Deaths in India during Modi period

  GAO Raksha & Deaths in India during Modi period What is happening in India? Is PM Modi is going to take action against Bajrangdal or RSS? see the video here:- http://network.muslimworldnet.org/index.php?page=videos&section=view&vid_id=105444 Read More »


QATAR I HAVE RECEIVED VIA WHATSUP WHICH I QUOTE HERE:- You know the recent conflict with Saudi on Qatar. It is better to know the few facts on Qatar. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-06/forget-terrorism-real-reason-behind-qatar-crisis-natural-gas Why is Qatar next Target? ✅ – The highest per capita income in the world at the rate of 146 thousand dollars annually ✅ – The second country in the ... Read More »

Lesson during Tarawee

We Lesson during Tarawee Read More »

Tahajjud Prayer it’s Importance

Praying Tahajjud  Read More »

Daily Hadith-80

  Daily Hadith-80 Read More »

Earlier Scientists in Islam

Earlier Scientists in Islam Muslim scientists have been working rigorously earlier in all fields who developed basic things which is helping the present scientists. Watch this video: Watch the video at Muslim World Network at http://network.muslimworldnet.org/index.php?page=videos&section=view&vid_id=105435 If you watch at Mobile phone use “Puffin” App or watch at your computer. Read More »

Islamic song in English

Islamic song in English IMG_4263   Read More »

Duplicate Masala factory in Hyderabad India

Duplicate Masala factory in Hyderabad India watch this video to watch how they play with the health of public IMG_4274   Read More »