Wednesday , 24 July 2019

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Ramadan Forces Muslim World Cup Players to Decide: Religion or Sports?


With the Islamic holy month of Ramadan set to begin this weekend, dozens of Muslim World Cup players will have to make a tough call: which comes first — their religious beliefs or their athletic ambitions? During Ramadan, healthy adults are expected to fast — meaning no food or drink — during daylight hours for 30 days. Most Muslims wake ... Read More »

American Muslims Observe Ramadan

As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins on June 28, Muslim Americans from different backgrounds across the United States are gathering in mosques and homes to break their dawn-to-dusk fast, perform congregational night prayers, and help the poor. “We try to make people feel like they are in any Muslim country and belong to a Muslim community,” said Imam ... Read More »

Woman Chairs US Largest Muslim Group


America’s largest Muslim advocacy group has picked Ohioan female Muslim lawyer Roula Allouch as its new acting national board chair replacing previous chair Omar Zaki who stepped down after two years in his post. “I would like thank Omar Zaki for his service to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and to the defense of civil rights for all Americans,” ... Read More »

‘All-American Muslim’: Nawal Aoude Talks Hijab & Muslim Fashion

TLC’s controversial eight-part docu-series, “All-American Muslim” (Sundays at 10 p.m. EST), follows the day-to-day lives of five very different Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan. In this week’s all-new episode, Nawal, who recently gave birth to her first child on the show, is shopping for a potential date night outfit, one that will hopefully impress her husband Nader. After the birth ... Read More »

US Muslim Youth Fight Distress

A host of leading Muslim figures will attend the conference as Nouman Ali Khan, founder and CEO of Bayyinah Institute, Sheikh Omar Suleiman, member of the Islamic Circle of North America’s Shari`ah Council and ICNA’s Institute of Learning Foundation (ILF), and prominent Sh. Yasir Qadhi. The event would also be attended by Ustadh Wisam Sharieff of Bayyinah Institute, Sheikh Abdul ... Read More »

Islam is 2nd Largest Religion in Twenty US States


Islam here is characterized by the green states. Buddhism by the yellow and Judaism by the pink. As you can Hindus by the brown and Bahai’s by the teal. Apparently there are a whole lot of black Bahai in South Carolina. At the county level though, you can see that Islam and most non-Christian religions are concentrated in specific areas. ... Read More »

CAIR-NTX to Partner with Dallas Muslims on Weekend Events Challenging Islamophobia

On Friday May, 30 and Saturday, May 31, the North Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NTX) will partner with a group of young Muslim activists, called Enlightened Generations, to host a panel discussion and a walk to raise awareness about Islamophobia and anti-Muslim discrimination and hate crimes in our society. Read More »

Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

With most superheroes, when you take away the colorful costume, mask and cape, what you find underneath is a white man. But not always. In February, as part of a continuing effort to diversify its offerings, Marvel Comics will begin a series whose lead character, Kamala Khan, is a teenage Muslim girl living in Jersey City. Enlarge This Image Marvel ... Read More »