Monday , 21 January 2019

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Central Asia

Central Asia’s Desirable Militants

Citizens of Central Asia seem to be present wherever a Sunni Muslim group has declared jihad. Uzbeks, in particular, but also Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, and Turkmen have joined groups in nearby Afghanistan and Pakistan and also further away, in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Jihadist groups highly value these Central Asian recruits, and there is incentive for Central Asians to join. RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service organized a ... Read More »

Russia Sees IS as Reason to Boost Control in Central Asia


How many Central Asians are fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and do they want to return to wage jihad upon their return home? No one knows for sure, but in recent months Russian officials and pundits have sounded the alarm. Their comments – often adhering to a narrative about weak states needing Russian protection – fit ... Read More »

Kazakhstan eyes ‘unified’ Islamic banking law next year


Kazakhstan will start drafting a new Islamic banking law that could help the industry develop in the former Soviet state, after a five-year-old set of rules failed to stimulate activity. Fresh legislation would allow Islamic finance to develop better under the secular regulatory regime of the predominantly Muslim country, said Yerlan Baidaulet, the Kazakhstan member of the board of executive ... Read More »

Two million Muslims begin Haj today


Over two million Muslims, including 136,000 Indians, will begin Haj when they assemble in the valley of Mina as Saudi authorities said preparations have been completed for the world’s largest annual gathering after the city underwent a multi-billion overhaul. Mecca governor Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah said preparations were complete for Haj which begins on Thursday. “The plan for welcoming pilgrims ... Read More »

ISIS Goes to Asia

There is a clear precedent for this scenario. During the 1980s, many young Muslims from Southeast Asia went to Pakistan to support the Afghan mujahideen’s so-called jihad against Soviet occupation. Many of these recruits subsequently stayed in the region, mingling with like-minded Muslims from all around and gaining exposure to al Qaeda’s militant ideology. Many eventually returned to Southeast Asia ... Read More »

Muslim leaders planning to support Shiv Sena or BJP in Maharashtra


In a major jolt to Congress and NCP, leaders of the Muslim community are planning to support Shiv Sena or BJP in return for an assurance that the basic problems of the community would be addressed. And adding to NCP’s discomfiture, Muslims in that party led by its minority cell chief Habib Fakih have left the party angry over Muslims ... Read More »

Pakistan: 24 dead as mosque roof collapses in Lahore


LAHORE, (The News): The death toll from a roof collapse rose to 24 on Wednesday as rescue workers recovered more bodies from the rubble of a mosque. The roof of the mosque located in the Dorghawala area of Lahore collapsed during Zuhr prayers leaving 30-40 people trapped under the rubble on Tuesday. Officials said they fear that there are still ... Read More »

India-Pakistan flood death toll reaches 400

Some 400,000 flood victims remain stranded in India and Pakistan as concerns mount over sluggish rescue efforts in the six-day emergency. The death toll in the divided Kashmir region has risen to 400. Indian and Pakistani rescue and military services have been overwhelmed by Kashmir’s heaviest rainfalls in 50 years, officials admitted on Tuesday. Also devastated are regions in Pakistan, ... Read More »

Sterling work against lure of terror


The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) was befittingly honoured recently with the Berita Harian Achiever of the Year Award, the first organisation to win an accolade that had hitherto been given only to individuals. It was a timely reminder of the great service that the voluntary group has done to Singapore by using the credibility of Muslim religious leaders to counter ... Read More »

Asian surname is most common among doctors with Patel in second


Next time you’re treated at hospital, chances are you’ll be thanking a Dr Khan. The Asian name is the most common surname of doctors registered in Britain, according to figures. Patel – from the Gujarat region of India – was the second most popular, and Muslim surnames Ahmed and Ali also made the top ten list. Smith and Jones featured ... Read More »