Tuesday , 16 July 2019

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Muslim were asked in India to say “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”

Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Can Muslim Say Muslims were asked to say “Bhstat Mata Ki Jai” whereas Assaduddin Owaisi refused on as Islam does not allow to say Jai of Women where as Tahiruk Wadri, a Pakistani national said so in a Qaudria meeting during his address, imee could read news. see what Sikhs of India say:  See this photo ... Read More »

India budget to boost farm growth

India’s government has unveiled a budget aimed at boosting farm growth and appealing to the rural poor. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said he planned to double the income of struggling farmers in the next five years.Having overtaken China as the world’s fastest-growing economy, India is seen as a bright spot in the global economy.But it has been hit by slowing ... Read More »

Is the US undermining India’s solar power programme?

Whatever happened to all the talk of international co-operation to tackle climate change that we heard during the climate conference in Paris just a few months ago? That is what many environmentalists are asking after the United States delivered a damaging blow to India’s ambitious solar power programme this week.In response to a US complaint, a World Trade Organization (WTO) ... Read More »

India’s $4 smartphone: Too good to be true?

What’s the real story behind India’s $4 smartphone? Just days after launching with enormous buzz, a cutting-edge device with a rock-bottom price is being blasted by industry officials and analysts. Ringing Bells unveiled its Freedom 251 smartphone on Wednesday, touting features that included a 4-inch display, 1.3-GHz quad-core processor and 8 GB of storage. The “made-in-India” product was listed for ... Read More »

In Chhattisgarh, PM Modi touches the feet of 104-yr-old woman

In Chhattisgarh, PM Modi touches the feet of 104-yr-old woman who sold her goats to build toilets KURRUBHAT(C’garh): A 104-year-old woman from a village in Chhattisgarh’s Dhamtari district who sold her goats for constructing toilets at her home, came in for special praise on Sunday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said it is a big sign of changing India. ... Read More »

Patriot or traitor: Dark choice for Indian journalists

Dark Choice for Indian Journalists In the latest battle over freedom of expression in India, journalists have marched on the country’s Supreme Court for protection from violent nationalist groups backing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Some 800 journalists presented a petition to the Supreme Court in New Delhi this week demanding protection as well as an investigation into recent attacks against reporters.  The protest ... Read More »

Refugees caught between hope and harsh winter

Thousands of people defy the bitter cold to continue risking the dangerous journey to Europe The bitter winter weather has truly set in across much of Europe, but that has failed to deter thousands of refugees from risking the dangerous journey in the hope of a better future. From the rough Aegean Sea waters, through the snowy trek across the ... Read More »

Viral Syndrome: The disease infecting journalism

A quick reflection on the imbalance between output and outreach. Any self-respecting news outfit, or any other organisation concerned with outreach, is better off employing an army of community managers and digital prodigies. Without them and their ilk of web designers and social media analysts, no news organisation can compete or get ahead in a predominantly digital universe, a world ... Read More »

China to relocate 10,000 to make way for huge telescope

Telescope that officials say could help search for alien life is due to start operations later this year. China plans to relocate 10,000 people to make way for the world’s largest radio telescope, which authorities say will help them search for alien life. The 500-metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), nestled between hills in the southwestern Guizhou province, is due to ... Read More »

France, Israel and Palestine: Same as it ever was?

While Syria burns and great powers run towards collision there, the French government has formally put forward a new initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace. The three-step process (consult with both sides, convene an international support group, and convene an international summit to restart talks) is the brainchild of now former French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Despite Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya, ... Read More »