Monday , 19 March 2018

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Egyptian artist aims for record with world’s biggest handwritten Quran

Saad Mohammed has big hopes for his three-year-long labour of love  An Egyptian artist who educated himself after dropping out of school has spent three years creating what he hopes is the world’s biggest Quran. Saad Mohammed, who has hand-painted Islamic motifs on the walls and ceilings of his home in the town of Belqina, north of Cairo, has reproduced ... Read More »

Jammu & Kashmir: Stone-throwing Kashmiri girls defy Indian armed forces

SRINAGAR, Jammu and Kashmir, India. (AA): She is 20 years old and ever since she threw stones at the Indian armed forces last week, she says she feels a sense of liberation. As if a weight had been lifted from her chest. “How much brutality can you quietly witness? How many stories and images and videos of killings and torture ... Read More »

Befitting reply to Singer Sonu Nigham

Befitting reply to Singer Sonu Nigham Warch this video where Sonu Nigham, the Singer has tweeted that giving Azan “Gundagardi” where it is befitting reply: Befitting reply to Singer Sonu Nigham:// Read More »

Commerce Ministry had suggested for fair valuation of rupee: Nirmala Sitharaman

NEW DELHI: The Commerce Ministry wants there should be “fair valuation” of rupee keeping in view the global environment as it has a bearing on exports, Parliament was informed today. Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that there are many factors that influence exports including demand intensity, market share, price elasticity, valuation of other currencies. “Department of Commerce had ... Read More »

Singapore arrests eight Bangladeshis accused of terror plot

Singapore arrests eight Bangladeshis accused of terror plot Singapore says it has arrested eight Bangladeshi men accused of plotting terror attacks in Bangladesh. Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs said they were members of a group set up in March called Islamic State in Bangladesh (ISB). The men, aged 26 to 34, had been working in the construction and marine industries. ... Read More »

Islamic Education in Asia

Islamic Education in Asia In recent years attention has focused on Islamic educational institutions in Asia, often called madaris (pl. of madrasah), and what role they may play in spreading extremist ideology and inspiring terrorist attacks around the region. Beyond the fact that a small minority of schools propagate a radical version of Islam, relatively little was known about the ... Read More »

Islam: the intersection of religion and politics

Islam: the intersection of religion and politics As Muslims observe Ramadan-the month during which they engage in daylight-hours fasts-can they also abstain from the fear and fragmentation tugging at Islam? When the Kurds of northern Iraq referred to President George Bush after the Gulf War, they took to sign language and signed a cross. Aid workers in the region learned ... Read More »


EMPLOYER-EMPLOYEE OBLIGATIONS Islam has a set of basic rules and regulations for employer and employee to run their affairs.  Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) practiced and also taught these people during his time.  He founded a society where employer and employee enjoyed benefits of these basic rules.  1400 after years from his death, these basic rules still exists as ... Read More »

US Muslims told to ‘stay strong’ after Trump win

Muslims civil rights leader Nihad Awad urges Trump to ensure rights of minorities regardless of ethnic, religious background World Bulletin / News Desk The head of a leading civil rights organization has urged Muslim Americans to “stay strong” following the election of Donald Trump. Trump made a number of Islamophobic remarks during his presidential campaign, including his infamous demand that ... Read More »

Islamist hyperextremism’ could bring world to brink of catastrophe – report

Catholic charity says the kind of religiously motivated violence espoused by Isis has led to attacks in one in five countries in last two years A new and deadly wave of Islamist “hyperextremism” is undermining global peace and stability with an impact felt in the Middle East, Africa and the west, according to a new report that calls for urgent ... Read More »