Sunday , 16 December 2018

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India and Pakistan make a volatile mix

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif opened a new chapter in India-Pakistan relations by attending the oath-taking ceremony of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 26 in New Delhi. The two leaders expressed their views on issues of common concern and Modi announced that he would visit Pakistan. Though Modi and Sharif apparently seem on the same page in wanting ... Read More »


Growing violence is pitting Buddhists against Muslim minorities in Burma and Sri Lanka. How can a religion of which the main tenet is non-violence express xenophobia and engage in violent acts? In an article published in BBC News magazine (UK), Alan Strathern, Fellow in the History of Cultures and Religions of Asia at Oxford University, brings this contradiction between the ... Read More »


In the past twenty years the International Politics has revolved around many ideologies which included Communism, Liberal- Capitalism and Islam. The collapse of the USSR left Liberal-Capitalist part of the world to be in charge of the world affairs. Even though the victory of Liberal–Capitalism was evident it was not left unchallenged. Political Islam came to be the main competitor ... Read More »

Indian Election 2014 – Muslims to Wake up & Unite

The results of India 2014 Election have been announced. Lok Sabha has been dissolved by the President. NDA got 336 seats out of 543 and out of 336 BJP bagged 282 seats, a clear majority to form the Government without NDA support. Mr. Modi has been declared as the prime minister who fought the election with the slogan “AB KI ... Read More »