Tuesday , 21 May 2019

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South-East Asia

Philippines to enact law on Muslim autonomy


Aquino, centre, is keen to see the Moro peace deal in place before his term ends in June 2016 [AP] Philippine President Benigno Aquino has asked the country’s congress to swiftly enact a law creating a Muslim autonomous area in the south of the mainly Roman Catholic state.The move aims at in ending nearly five decades of conflict, which has ... Read More »

Philippines, US begin joint exercise in Muslim south


Three-week exercise comes in wake of weekend clash with Abu Sayyaf that left six government troops dead World Bulletin/News Desk Filipino and United States security forces began a joint exercise Wednesday in the Philippines’ Muslim south after a weekend clash left six government troops dead. Col. Eliglen Villaflor, Philippine Special Forces commander, told The Anadolu Agency that the three-week exercise will ... Read More »

Indonesia Eyes Consolidation, New Laws in Roadmap for Islamic Finance


Kuala Lumpur. Authorities in Indonesia want to reshape the country’s Islamic finance industry by encouraging consolidation and building a new regulatory system, as the sector plays catch-up to more mature markets in Malaysia and the Middle East. Regulators are finalizing a five-year roadmap to be presented this month to industry players, who have repeatedly called for clearer laws. “This is ... Read More »

Grand Mufti urges Muslims to forge unity, shun evil deeds


Saudi Arabia: Mufti Azam Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah delivered Hajj sermons in Masjid-e-Nimra at Mount Arafat, urging Muslims to shun evil, forge unity and staunchly practice teachings of Islam, SAMAA reported. “Islam is a complete code of life, it’s a perfect and definite religion of Allah, it teaches brotherhood among Muslims and provides spiritual, moral and social ... Read More »

Two million Muslims begin Haj today


Over two million Muslims, including 136,000 Indians, will begin Haj when they assemble in the valley of Mina as Saudi authorities said preparations have been completed for the world’s largest annual gathering after the city underwent a multi-billion overhaul. Mecca governor Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah said preparations were complete for Haj which begins on Thursday. “The plan for welcoming pilgrims ... Read More »

Airfare Monopoly Hurdles Bangladeshi Hajj

Restrictions Cut Bengali Pilgrims Number

Bangladeshi would-be pilgrims have been complaining of increasing security restrictions imposed by the government on hajj visas and travel, seeing the government’s monopoly of hajj airfare as shattering the dreams of many aspiring pilgrims. “We have filed a case in court to open the third carrier for Hajj pilgrims,” Ibrahim Bahar, president of Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB), told ... Read More »

ISIS in Southeast Asia


ISIS is attracting followers from Muslim communities across the Asia-Pacific. In Indonesia, radical groups have declared support for the Islamic State in Jakarta, Surakarta and other cities. In Malaysia, police say they have arrested 19 ISIS-inspired militants planning attacks against pubs, discos and a Carlsberg CARL-A.KO -0.60% brewery in and around Kuala Lumpur. Australia estimates that 150 of its citizens ... Read More »

Asia will gain from India finally taking foreign policy seriously


AT THEIR nearest points, India and Indonesia are barely 160 kilometres (100 miles) apart across the Malacca Strait. Yet almost nobody thinks of these two big countries as neighbours. One reason has been India’s historic isolation. Distracted by Pakistan, India long fretted over its western border. Under Nehru, its leader after independence, a principled policy of non-alignment led to moralising ... Read More »

Sterling work against lure of terror


The Religious Rehabilitation Group (RRG) was befittingly honoured recently with the Berita Harian Achiever of the Year Award, the first organisation to win an accolade that had hitherto been given only to individuals. It was a timely reminder of the great service that the voluntary group has done to Singapore by using the credibility of Muslim religious leaders to counter ... Read More »

PandaBed’s new matching service allows travelers of the same age, race, and religion to bunk up


On August 12 in Singapore, PandaBed announced its newest feature, PeerMatch. The latest add-on allows homeowners and travelers to get a better understanding of each other before they meet in person for a potentially awkward, contentious, or otherwise undesirable lodging experience. In theory, with PandaBed’s PeerMatch, Muslims can stay with Muslims, Christians can bunk with Christians, bookworms can keep each ... Read More »