Wednesday , 24 July 2019

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South Asia

Indian MP force-feeds Muslim man on fast


There has been outrage in India after television footage showed a member of parliament from hardline Hindu nationalist outfit, Shiv Sena, trying to force-feed a man fasting for Ramadan, according to reports. The incident took place last week in the capital, New Delhi, when eleven Shiv Sena parliament members confronted catering supervisor, Arshad Zubair, at the new Maharashtra Sadan, The ... Read More »

Backlash over Shiv Sena MPs ‘forcing’ Muslim staffer to break fast at Maharashtra Sadan


Around 11 members of Parliament from Maharashtra belonging to the Shiv Sena allegedly forced a Muslim catering supervisor to break his fast at Mahrashtra Sadan in New Delhi last week. However, Shiv Sena has denied all allegations. The MPs were apparently angry over not being served Maharashtrian food, a daily reported. Snubbing religious sentiments, the Shiv Sainiks forced Arshad Zubair ... Read More »

Japan intensifies effort to cater to Muslim tourists


Prayer rooms, hijabs made from local silk and even halal-certified whale meat are appearing in Japan as tourism bosses wake up to the demand from Muslim travellers. For a largely homogeneous country with only around 100,000 practising Muslims, that means groping its way through unfamiliar customs as it looks to tap a growing market to help it double the number ... Read More »

Muslim students forced to eat during Ramadan

Teachers note who does not eat or drink, threatening students with expulsion from university or no diplomas. Many students fast in secret. People using the internet to spread “religious extremist violent terror video” get sentences ranging from 15 years to life. Uygur spokesperson says Beijing is afraid of losing its information monopoly. Beijing (AsiaNews) – Teachers in Xinjiang are forcing ... Read More »

Ramadan and Aidilfitri in Southeast Asia

The festival of Ramadan (Ramadhan, or Bulan Puasa in Malay) is an important event in the Muslim calendar, a time of personal reflection and bonding with one’s family. Muslims throughout Southeast Asia commemorate Ramadan by fasting throughout the daylight hours. Fasting is required of all capable Muslims, who must refrain from indulging base needs like eating and smoking while the ... Read More »

Asian Muslims start Ramadan; World Cup fever undiminished

Muslims in much of Asia began celebrating the holy month of Ramadan Sunday but in Indonesia even threats by hardliners to raid “sinful” bars could not stop football fans heading to nightspots to watch the World Cup. Across the Muslim world, the faithful fast from dawn to dusk and strive to be more pious during the holy month, which ends ... Read More »

Travel During Ramadan

Travel during Ramadan in Asia is actually enjoyable, interesting, and different. No, you probably won’t go hungry! Read on to learn how Ramadan travel may affect your trip in Asia. Ramadan is the Islamic holy month when all capable Muslims are expected to refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking until sundown. Ramadan lasts for 29 to 30 days, depending on ... Read More »

Muslims under attack in Lanka


As if the anti-Muslim surge in India and Myanmar wasn’t horrible enough, Sri Lanka’s recently joining the club has rung many alarm bells among the Muslims of South Asia. The killing spree in the Aluthgama town in southern Sri Lanka has resulted in at least four deaths, with many houses and shops gutted in violence sparked by an anti-Muslim rally ... Read More »

Pakistan to represent South Asian Muslim countries in IDB

Pakistan will represent the Group of four South Asian Muslim countries in the board of executive directors of IDB this year , while Afghanistan, Maldive and Bangladesh will also be members by rotation. The board is responsible to take decisions on IDB funding. The proposal was made by Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar here in a meeting , which was ... Read More »

Southeast Asia seen failing Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslims

As Myanmar defends itself against allegations of state-sponsored persecution of its Rohingya Muslim minority, attention has turned to what neighboring countries are doing to protect Rohingya asylum seekers. International refugee rights organizations say a coordinated response is needed for what is a growing refugee crisis in the region. The mistreatment of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority, is consequential for neighboring ... Read More »