Thursday , 17 January 2019

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South Asia

Southeast Asia seen failing Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslims

As Myanmar defends itself against allegations of state-sponsored persecution of its Rohingya Muslim minority, attention has turned to what neighboring countries are doing to protect Rohingya asylum seekers. International refugee rights organizations say a coordinated response is needed for what is a growing refugee crisis in the region. The mistreatment of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority, is consequential for neighboring ... Read More »

Muslims shut their shops in Sri Lanka’s

Colombo: Muslims shut their shops in Sri Lanka’s capital on Thursday to protest recent attacks by hard-line Buddhists and demand that the government punish those responsible. More than a thousand shops were closed for the day across Colombo, said Ibrahim Nisthar Miflal, president of the Muslims Rights Organization, which called the protest. He said they were not satisfied with the ... Read More »

Muslim volunteers plant 300 trees in Peel


BRAMPTON — In partnership with Credit Valley Conservation, volunteers from Mississauga’s Muslim Welfare Centre planted 300 trees Sunday to preserve the wooded areas in the Peel region. More than 100 young volunteers from the centre took part in the one-day drive and planted hundreds of trees along the Wanless Channel, located at south of Wanless Dr. and west of Chinguacousy ... Read More »

The evolving worldview of South Asian Muslims


South Asia is home to about 40 per cent of the world’s Muslim population. Ever since the Muslims arrived here, first as Arab traders to Malabar in the 7th century and then as Central Asian conquerors in the later centuries, Muslim thought has been in a state of flux. Because of their exposure to different cultures and pluralistic religious societies, ... Read More »

Ottoman Turkey, Atatürk, and Muslim South Asia

THE dismemberment of the Ottoman empire and the abolition of the caliphate two years later in the 1920s evoked an emotional wave of anger among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent that turned into a movement for the restoration of the caliphate. This movement was also joined by the Hindu communities and supported by almost all political parties, but in ... Read More »