Friday , 25 May 2018

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Austrian Muslims condemn school hijab ban proposal

Austria’s Muslim communities and civil right groups have slammed a proposal to impose a hijab ban after it was announced by the Austrian Chancellor. Sebastian Kurz announced legal preparations were underway to ban the hijab in primary schools on April 4. He said the proposal was called “the child protection law”. Kurz of the centre-right People’s Party said to broadcaster ... Read More »

Christchurch Muslims to monitor radicalised teenager

The Muslim community is applauding a judge’s decision not to send a radicalised teenage boy to prison for a violent attack in Christchurch last July. Police said he terrified a large number of people, but all details of the attack have been suppressed. The teenager was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court yesterday to two years’ intensive supervision. Federation of ... Read More »


CHRIS BRADBEER says that innovative learning environments might give us the opportunity to explore the untapped potential of teacher collaboration.  The idea that teachers will be working collaboratively represents an implicit but commonly under-emphasised aspect of the shift into innovative learning environments (ILEs): it’s often a feature by design. Notably many contemporary primary school spaces, whether newly built or refurbished, ... Read More »


JUDE BARBACK catches up with new Education Minister Chris Hipkins to find out how he’s finding his new role. It’s been pretty amazing,” says Chris Hipkins of his first few weeks as the new Minister of Education. It’s a job he’s been eyeing up for some time now. Nine years is a long time for an MP in opposition with ... Read More »


South Auckland first-year teacher BROOKE HANNAH describes the reality of working and living in Auckland as “mind-blowing”. My “original” plan was to complete University, find a great school to work in, visit my folks on Sundays for roast, buy a home and watch the Highlanders basically kick butt. Everything was going so well right up to the moment when basic ... Read More »

Teacher supply package

The Government has announced a one off $9.5 million package to boost teacher supply. It addresses immediate pressures by supporting more graduates into permanent teaching positions, supports experienced teachers back into the profession and recruits new graduates into teaching. This is the first stage of a comprehensive programme to alleviate teacher shortages and build a strong and engaged workforce. It ... Read More »

Childhood teacher reprimanded for taking toys from Lower Hutt kindergarten

It was theft when an early childhood education teacher “borrowed” toys from a Lower Hutt kindergarten for personal use, a tribunal has ruled. Grant Swinton-Robertson was found guilty of serious misconduct by the NZ Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal after an investigation revealed he had been taking toys from the Epuni Kindergarten over seven or eight months. The ruling was published this ... Read More »

Why our obsession with infant growth charts may be fuelling childhood obesity

Ask any new parent how their baby is going and you will most likely get an update on recent weight gains. Regular baby weigh-ins are a rite of passage, but many parents look back at this time with a deep sense of failure; when told their child isn’t “gaining enough” they’re left feeling like they didn’t try hard enough with ... Read More »

Young adults with food allergies having ‘frequent’ allergic reactions leaving researchers searching for answers

A Melbourne study has found more than 40 per cent of Australian adolescents with food allergies are experiencing frequent allergic reactions, including potentially lethal anaphylactic attacks. The School Nuts study conducted by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute involved more than 10,000 students aged 10 to 14. Of the 547 children with a food allergy, 44 per cent had experienced an ... Read More »

Health benefits of coffee drinking supported by science, review finds, with links to lower risk of cancers, death

It seems every other day there’s a new report about whether drinking coffee is good for you or not. Now, a review of more than 200 scientific studies has given weight to the idea that a cup a day — or even three — could actually have health benefits. Although researchers don’t know why. Coffee can be a controversial beverage ... Read More »