Monday , 23 October 2017

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Emirates Red Crescent’s Eid Al Adha gift targets 55,000 families

The Emirates Red Crescent hopes to provide more than 55,000 families in 57 countries with sacrificial animals for Eid Al Adha. The charity’s Their Joy Our Eid campaign will reach out to poor families across the globe when Eid begins, probably on October 4. ERC is asking for donations to help provide food for more than 18,500 families across the ... Read More »

Hajj pilgrims promised sensitivity


Pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj will be treated with sensitivity and as little delay as possible at Australian airports, the government has promised. But customs officers will still target those heading overseas to fight an illegal war as their top priority, Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison says. Last week, Muslim leaders were fuming at what they claimed ... Read More »

Muslims at home in Hawera

Although Islam Awareness Week was celebrated across New Zealand last week, for Hawera Islamic Centre president Ashraf Ali, each day is a chance for him to raise awareness about his faith. Ali said although the community in Taranaki remained a small one – involving about 20 families – there had been a marked increase in membership since the Turuturu Rd ... Read More »

Religious leaders reject negativity directed at Australian Muslims


Religious leaders of multiple faiths gathered at Lakemba Mosque on Friday to express solidarity with Islam and reject what they called a “barrage of negativity” directed at Australian Muslims. Local imam Sheikh Yahya Safi was joined by Rabbi Zalman Kastel, Father Patrick McInerney and the Reverend Andrew Dutney, president of the Uniting Church. They called upon political leaders to avoid ... Read More »

My Muslim religion has problems that need fixing


I am an Australian, I am a Muslim. I am an Australian Muslim. The recent actions of the group known as Islamic State have put my faith in the spotlight as a threat to my nation and fellow Australians with whom I share the privilege of living in this great nation. It is here that I practice my faith freely. ... Read More »

Christian and Jewish leaders rally in support of Muslims


Christian and Jewish leaders have rallied to support the Muslim community, asking members of the Australian public to join them in a campaign called “We’ll love Muslims 100 years”. Rabbi Zalman Kastel will join Australian Christian Churches pastor, Brad Chilcott, Tim Costello and other denominational leaders in three events in New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia on Friday ... Read More »

Religious leaders gather against ‘unfair smearing’ of Muslim faith

Religious leaders across Australia have issued a message of love to Muslims, in what they hope will become a viral campaign to counter hatred, divisiveness and marginalisation. The movement follows the unveiling of a proposed raft of new counter-terrorism laws by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, prompting concern from Islamic organisations that Muslims will be unfairly targeted. The religious leaders issued ... Read More »

PM rallying support for anti-terror laws aimed at blocking return of radicalised jihadists

Prime Minister Tony Abbott was yesterday out recruiting for “Team Australia” among Sydney’s sceptical Islamic leaders, who fear proposed tightening of the nation’s anti-terror laws will target local Muslims. He will be doing the same in Melbourne, hoping to calm a backlash against legislation to be put before Parliament next week and bring Muslim communities on board. The proposed laws ... Read More »

British Muslims urge cooperation in hunt for militant with ‘London accent’ who killed US journalist

The man, who was filmed beheading the US journalist, speaks in an English accent in the video of the Islamic State (IS) atrocity. Reports have emerged that the man is one of a group of British jihadists, nicknamed ‘The Beatles’ by their captives, who have been holding Western hostages. The Muslim Council of Britain, the largest Muslim umbrella group in ... Read More »

Religious heads show Muslim support


EMBLAZONED across the front of a six-metre banner, it’s the sentiment a coalition of religious leaders have embraced to support a local Muslim community facing prejudice, they say. Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders united behind the sign on the steps of Lakemba Mosque in Sydney’s southwest on Friday afternoon, preaching a message of faith-traversing harmony. Uniting Church minister Eleni Poulous ... Read More »