Saturday , 24 March 2018

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Anti-terror bill condemned for haste


People making submissions on the anti-terror bill this evening have condemned the Government for rushing it through Parliament without proper consultation. MPs on the Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade select committee have sat through a second day of urgent hearings on the bill which aims to crack down on terrorist fighters. It would finish hearing submissions tomorrow morning and report ... Read More »

Muslim communities facing a ‘backlash’ over law


TARGETED: Federation for Islamic Associations of NZ (FIANZ) president Dr Anwar Ghani told MPs new anti-terror legislation predominantly targets Muslims. Representatives from New Zealand’s Islamic, Buddhist and Jewish communities have implored MPs not to “up the rhetoric” against minority religious groups. MPs considering legislation to beef up spying capability and counter domestic terror threats were told the discussion around the ... Read More »

New Zealand Pre-schooler Suffers Attack For Wearing A Jewish Cap; Anti-Semitic Act Condemned

A 4-year-old boy was attacked in New Zealand for being Jewish. The boy was walking home from his pre-school in Mt Eden with his mother, brother and one of their friends when a man approached and hit the top of his head. The incident reportedly happened last week. View Full I According to the New Zealand Herald, the man had laughed ... Read More »

Race relations chief slams terrifying attack on Jewish pre-schooler


The Race Relations Commissioner has condemned a “cowardly” hate crime against a small boy in Auckland. Dame Susan Devoy said she was disgusted to hear of an attack on a four year-old Jewish boy who was walking home from pre-school in Mt Eden. The boy was traumatised after a man approached him, then slapped him hard on the top of ... Read More »

Beware of cover for making bigotry respectable


Most Muslim Australians are law-abiding and loyal Australian citizens who shouldn’t be tarred by the brush of prejudice. This is the logic of many who are expressing hostility towards Muslims and Islam. Many have written to me directly, often in language unfit for public repetition. They say that they are concerned with the beliefs and practices of Muslims. They say ... Read More »

15 Famous Australians You May Not Have Known Were Muslim

Sydney FC Season Launch

Debates over the rise of Islamic extremism have made life pretty tough for Australian Muslims, who have copped their unfair share of abuse, stereotyping and prejudice in recent years, as fears and tensions heightened. Many don’t realise Islam is the fourth largest religious grouping in Australia – after Christianity, irreligion, and Buddhism, accounting for 2.2% of the country’s population, according ... Read More »

Islamic State: New Zealand PM John Key seeks urgent legal changes to deal with foreign fighters and militant threat


Mr Key has ruled out sending New Zealand combat troops to Iraq, but says his government will push for tighter passport controls and an increase in the powers of the local spy agency. The national terror threat in the country was raised recently from very low to low – but Mr Key said the threat posed by Islamic State, or ... Read More »

Sectarian tensions running high, say Australian Muslim leaders


(CNN) — Muslim community leaders in Australia say sectarian tensions are soaring, as radicalized Sunni youth, inspired by ISIS, seek to import the religious conflicts wracking the Middle East. “The tensions are very high and will continue to be high,” said Jamal Daoud, a Shia community leader in Sydney, where a 47-year old Shia leader was shot in the shoulder early ... Read More »

New Zealand Looks to Aid Fight Against Islamic State

Prime Minister Says as Many as 80 People in Country Pose Potential Threat to National Security ENLARGE A jogger runs along the sea wall in Auckland, New Zealand. In a speech on national security Wednesday, Prime Minister John Key said the government was monitoring as many as 80 people inside the country considered a potential threat to national security. REUTERS By ... Read More »

Muslims Feel Violent Backlash After Australian Anti-Terror Raids


Islamic groups are reporting a rise in anti-Muslim attacks in Australia since counter-terror raids in Sydney and Melbourne, and threats made by Islamic State.  Muslim leaders are compiling a list of racially or religiously motivated assaults, and say there have been dozens so far, mainly against women wearing the hijab. Organization cite more than 30 attacks Islamic organizations in Australia ... Read More »