Tuesday , 22 May 2018

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Contributions to society: Women Islamic scholars urged to extend outreach online

A two day international conference on “contribution of women to various discourses of Islamic studies in contemporary times” began at the Faisal Masjid campus of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Tuesday. It covered topics such as Islamic intellectual thought and social welfare services, scholarships of Islamic studies in different regions, study of Holy Quran and Hadith, spreading of ... Read More »

“International Conference on Imam Reza & Interfaith Dialogue” kicked off in India

The first preliminary meeting of International Conference of Imam Reza and Interfaith Dialogue hosted by the University of Hamdard, India, was held at noon Thursday in the city of New Delhi. In this meeting, the topics of “Dialogue and rationality in religions by emphasizing on the teachings of Imam Reza (A), explaining the status of dialogue in religions, the method ... Read More »

Women should not have to dress modestly

It is the women of Iran’s 2018 protests and refusal to wear their headscarves and not the women-dressing-in-black movement in the west of #MeToo solidarity that is the political voice of female refusal to be objectified right now. Why speak of the two in the same breath? Because in the west the protest is assuming the most conservative attire imaginable, ... Read More »

Muslims from disputed new London mosque donate blood at synagogue for Jewish day of action

Thousands of people across the UK took part in the interfaith day encouraging good deeds  Muslims planning to open a new mosque in a traditionally Jewish north London community have joined people at their local synagogue to give blood as part of a national drive to help those in need. Plans to turn the Hippodrome in Golders Green into a ... Read More »

As a Muslim, I wish people would stop telling me that I can just ‘pray away’ my mental health problems

I’ve lost count throughout my life how many times I’ve been told that any doubts and difficulties I encounter are due to a weakness in my faith “But why don’t you just pray?” There isn’t a problem in the world for your typical South Asian Muslim family that cannot be cured by the power of prayer. Growing up as a ... Read More »

German politician quits far-right AfD party role after converting to Islam

Party claims Islam is incompatible with the German constitution A politician from the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, known for its anti-Muslim rhetoric, has quit his leadership role and converted to Islam. Arthur Wagner stepped down from his post in the eastern Brandenburg state but remains a member of the party. AfD claims Islam is incompatible with the German ... Read More »

Iran’s Supreme Leader accuses Saudi Arabia of committing ‘treason’ against Muslims with US alliance

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei brands President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital ‘a big mistake’ and one ‘doomed to fail’ Iran’s supreme leader has accused Saudi rulers of committing “treason” against Muslims by aligning themselves with the United States and Israel. Addressing parliamentary representatives from Islamic countries gathered in Tehran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the US decision to recognise Jerusalem ... Read More »

A fifth of non-believers turn to prayer in a crisis or out of habit, poll finds

Around 24 per cent of non-religious people surveyed say they prayed ‘as a last resort’ As many as one in five non-religious people pray to God, a study has found. Just over half of all adults in the UK pray at least sometimes and are increasingly likely to call on God for help when engaged in activities such as cooking or ... Read More »

Assembly Polls: 75 Per Cent Polling in Nagaland, 67 in Meghalaya

Briefing the media, OSD in the Election Commissioner Chandra Bhushan Kumar said that voting process was completely peaceful in Meghalaya without any incident of violence.  Seventy-five per cent polling was recorded in Nagaland and 67 per cent in Meghalaya in the assembly polls held on Tuesday in the two northeastern states, Election Commission (EC) officials said. In last assembly elections, ... Read More »

Muslim boys who insulted Christianity sentenced to memorise verses of Quran that honour Jesus

Unique sentencing from Christian judge in Lebanon, where insulting religion can be punishable by up to three years in prison, praised as message of coexistence Three Lebanese teenagers who were hauled before a court on charges of insulting Christianity have been handed the unusual sentence of studying the references to the Virgin Mary found in the Quran. Christian judge Joceline ... Read More »