Tuesday , 21 May 2019

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Assad Uddin Owaisi The Defender of Islam in India

Assad Uddin Owaisi The Defender of Islam in India Assad Owaisi, the existing MP from Hyderabad, India is the few defenders of Islam in India, which is dominated by Modi (BJP-RSS) policy. He is one giving bold statements against Modi policy. He is already entered in Maharashtra, Bengalore and now entering in UP which has created a denial from Mukadam ... Read More »

Asking (Supplication) Other than Allah

ASKING (SUPPLICATION) TO OTHER THAN ALLAH ASKING WALI WHO ARE BURRIED FOR FAVORS ISLAM PROHIBITS AS HARAM Few say they want pious persons to pray to intercede after their death by going to their grave so that their prayers are granted by Allah. Do you think it is correct? When Prophet-hood came to Muhammed SWAS, Pagans had number of statues ... Read More »

Sadness in Quran

SADNESS IN QURAN We become sad at times whereas sadness is never mentioned in Quran except in forbidding way or negating way. We feel depressed at times. You hear most of the time so and so is in depression. A Muslim can be sad as it is not mentioned in Quran. Smiling gets us many good deeds. Allah says always ... Read More »

Collapsing of Word Economy

Collapsing of Word Economy Connected with USA Economy I was amazed to received Hyderabadi Urdu Video which says about USA economy which is connected with world economy. Amercan president cannot control the Central bank as it is in the hands of Zionist. Please  watch this video and assess yourself at http://network.muslimworldnet.org/index.php?page=videos&section=view&vid_id=105289 Read More »

India Disqualifies Bills of 500 & 1000 IRS

INDIA DISQUALIFIES BILLS OF 500 & 1000 IRS BUT INTRODUCE IRS 2000 BILL In a surprise move Narender Modi the PM of India announced the he taking bills of 500 & 1000 out of circulation to fight corruption & black money. He also announced to introduce the bill of 2000 IRS which indicates that his motive is not fight corruption ... Read More »

Violence against legitimate protest continues in Kashmir.

NEWS: The Indian State has unleashed new levels of oppression against the Muslims of Kashmir. After the martyrdom of Burhan Wani on Friday 8 July 2016, protests erupted in Occupied Kashmir, in which more than eighty Kashmiri Muslims have been martyred and 13,000 injured, many with pellet guns, with the deliberate intention to blind them.   COMMENT: Since the killing ... Read More »


KASHMIR WAR SOLUTION AS SOLVED BY ANY INTELL CTUALS NOT POLTICICIANS Do we exploit human rights crimes on Civillians? Do we go go with out solution & keep killing thousands of Civillians & Army personnel just to satisfy our political ego? See the pictures below writing to watch about Indian Army atrocities which has created  question on Human Right Organisation ... Read More »

Social Danger on Prying On Each Other in Islam

Social Danger on Spying/Prying 1. Ruining the Reputation of Others One of the major dangers that is brought about by prying into the lives of others is that the third security (that of one’s honour and dignity) is put into danger and an irreversible damage is done to one’s dignity and status within the society. This is especially true when ... Read More »

Islamic Countries Ranking based on Islamic Ethecs the

Islamic Ethics Countries Ranking Based on Islamic Ethics As received. Allah knows abt ranking but content is closure to truth. Subject: Ranking of true Islamic countries How Islamic are the Islamic Countries A study conducted by Prof. Hussain Askari of George Washington University entitled *“How Islamic are the Islamic Countries”* showed that most of the countries that apply *Islamic Principles* ... Read More »

Pakistan Development-7

PAKISTAN DEVELOPMENT-7 Extreme Uncertainty of Pakistan Government   The Government did not agree on TOR whereas the opposition has given enough time. When the PM Nawaz Shareef attended the Parliament, Imran Khan was well prepared to present the proof in the Parliament and ask questions to PM whereas Khursheed Sha, the opposition leader announced walked out. Imran Khan had no ... Read More »