Friday , 22 February 2019

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Spain’s most charming undiscovered towns

We all know Seville is stunning, Barcelona’s beautiful and Oviedo’s awesome but Spain has dozens of small towns that are just waiting to be discovered. Spain is, arguably, the best holiday destination in the world and enjoys record breaking numbers of tourists every year, who lap up its tapas and enjoy visiting its beaches and big cities. But away from ... Read More »

League of nationalists

All around the world, nationalists are gaining ground. Why? AFTER the sans culottes rose up against Louis XVI in 1789 they drew up a declaration of the universal rights of man and of the citizen. Napoleon’s Grande Armée marched not just for the glory of France but for liberty, equality and fraternity. By contrast, the nationalism born with the unification ... Read More »

First major Quran exhibition in US set to open

Smithsonian exhibition includes 47 handwritten Qurans from Turkey World Bulletin / News Desk Forty-seven centuries old handwritten Qurans from Turkey will be presented Saturday at the first major Quran exhibition here at the Smithsonian Institution. The Qurans were brought from the more than 100-year-old Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in Istanbul. The exhibition will also include 18 Qurans from ... Read More »

How The Qur’an Was Secretly Taught in the Soviet Union

The story of how the Qur’an was kept and taught. World Bulletin / News Desk A ninety-five year old Muslim man from Russia explained how the ʿUlamā (Muslims scholars) of Russia taught the Qurʼān during the days of communism. He was twenty-five years of age when the execution and oppression of the Muslims commenced and he witnessed the entire period. ... Read More »

Most birds fled at first cold snap

Most birds fled at first cold snap Over 99% of the birds that spend summer in Finland move away over the winter and a large part of them have already flown south, according to ornithologist Andreas Lindén, a senior researcher and associate professor at the Novia University of Applied Sciences. Last week’s cold snap, the first of the winter, didn’t ... Read More »

Terrorism, colonialism, Africa and Turkey

The Turkish-African Economy and Business Forum held in Istanbul on Nov. 2-3, was an important summit where a new developmental approach was discussed. Delivering an opening speech, President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an criticized the understanding of development that developing countries have maintained as the only alternative so far. Erdogan mentioned a bad tendency that explains globalization as standardization, ignores local differences ... Read More »

Phoenix park rail tunnel to open from next Monday

The Phoenix Park tunnel in Dublin will open to rail traffic full time from next Monday. It connects the Newbridge line to Connolly station and Grand Canal Dock. Irish Rail has announced a number of new commuter services to co-incide with the route’s opening. Barry Kenny is the company’s spokesperson: “From Monday next following a €13.7m investment in Phoenix Park ... Read More »

Public has ‘lost’ confidence in Cork events centre project

The public has lost confidence in the Cork events centre project, it was suggested last night, after it emerged that it will be early in the new year before final designs on the stalled €53m scheme are finished, writes Eoin English, Irish Examiner Reporter. The developers have now been given until January 31 next to finish the internal designs, finalise ... Read More »

Neanderthal inheritance helped humans adapt to life outside of Africa

Neanderthal inheritance helped humans adapt to life outside of Africa As the ancestors of modern humans made their way out of Africa to other parts of the world many thousands of years ago, they met up and in some cases had children with other forms of humans, including the Neanderthals and Denisovans. Scientists know this because traces of those meetings ... Read More »

Primary school bans homework after pupils and parents voted to read books instead

A primary school has scrapped homework after the move was backed in a poll by parents and pupils. Children at the 193-pupil Inverlochy Primary School in Fort William have been urged instead to use the time they would have spent on homework to read books, magazines and comics. Nearly 80 per cent of pupils and 62 per cent of parents ... Read More »