Friday , 22 February 2019

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Treat student loan defaulters like tax evaders, says think tank

Foreign students who do not repay loans should be arrested as public will get back £22 for every £1 spent on prosecution, a leading think tank has suggested. Researchers have suggested millions of pounds that come out taxpayers’ pockets could be claw back by detaining loan fraudsters at the border when they re-enter Britain. Nick Hillman of the Higher Education ... Read More »

Mark Carney: The ‘film star’ Bank of England governor

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has said he will be staying on an extra year after his initial term comes to an end in 2018, to help oversee the UK’s Brexit negotiations with the European Union. Mr Carney’s decision came after increasing speculation about his future as the head of the Bank of England. Governors are traditionally appointed for ... Read More »

UK construction weakest in four years, ONS says

The UK’s construction sector recorded its weakest performance in four years in the July-to-September quarter, official figures have shown. Construction volumes fell by 1.1% in the quarter, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. There were large falls in repair work, and these were only partly offset by small rises in infrastructure and public building. The figures measure the first ... Read More »

Four children injured by falling tree at Auckland childcare centre

Two toddlers badly hurt after a tree fell on a playground at an Auckland childcare centre are now in a stable condition. Four children, all “well under” the age of 5, were left with head injuries after the incident on Tuesday afternoon. It happened at Discoveries Educare on Gillies Ave in Newmarket. One child had critical injuries, one had serious ... Read More »

Discovering Edinburgh’s many incarnations

EDINBURGH, Scotland: Rain is pelting the black bulk of Edinburgh Castle brooding over the city. But inside Fingers Piano Bar on Frederick Street, it’s warm and dry as I dance with a throng of cheerful Scots, all of us lustily belting out the chorus of “Sweet Caroline.” “Hands, touching hands,” roar the dancers, waving their arms about and casually slapping ... Read More »

Neymar nears trial over transfer corruption case

MADRID: The prospect of Barcelona superstar Neymar standing trial moved closer Monday as a Madrid judge accepted an appeal by prosecutors for corruption charges to be brought against the Brazilian, a court filing said. The decision overturns a ruling in July that said irregularities detected in the Brazilian’s 2013 transfer to Barcelona were an issue for a civil court, not ... Read More »

Muslim World Network Under Islamic Environment

I have received the following letter from the Admin, Muslim World Network for publication. It produced here as under, we request all to read in detail & take action. It is very useful for Masajid & Islamic Organizations:-   A HUMBLE START TOWARDS ISLAMIC NETWORK WITH FREE NETWORKING TOOLS   اسلام و عليكم   DON’T YOU DREAM TO HAVE ISLAMIC ... Read More »

Turkey Coup Arrest

The Arrested Army in Turkey Coup Two days after a failed military coup, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed a continued crackdown on those behind it and those perceived to have been involved — as large crowds heeded his call to fill the nation’s streets. Thousands of soldiers have been arrested, 14,000 were dismissed and hundreds of judiciary members removed since ... Read More »

Turkey Coup-2

Turkey Foils Bloody Coup Attempt, Closes In On Renegade Forces Over 250 people have been killed in Turkey coup attempt 1,563 military members have been arrested so far Turkey’s government defeated a coup attempt by a renegade faction of the military that pummeled government and security institutions overnight with fighter jets, reasserting control Saturday after hours of chaos and clashes ... Read More »

UK Government Counter-Terrorism Agenda

  The UK Government’s Counter Extremism Agenda to Secularize Muslim Youth By Maleeha Hasan Within the last decade British Muslims have been subject to an excessive level of propaganda and scrutiny. This has led to the amendment of existing terror laws and the introduction of the first all-encompassing social policy, which targets almost every aspect of Muslim life. The PREVENT ... Read More »