Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Attorney General May Force Muslim Emigratns Self Deportation

Muslim Immigrants Deportation? Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) is most famously the author of Arizona’s hardline immigration law that, before parts of it were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, ordered state and local law enforcement to demand proof of citizenship from certain people stopped by police. Now, he says he is part of Donald Trump’s presidential ... Read More »


HADITH-71 On the authority of Abu Sa’id (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Let not any one of you belittle himself. They said: O Messenger of Allah, how can any one of us belittle himself? He said: He finds a matter concerning Allah about which he should say ... Read More »



London flats were bought through Qatari investments, Sharif family tells SC

ISLAMABAD: Submitting documentary evidence on the ‘legitimacy’ of their assets before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter, Maryam Nawaz, claimed a Qatari prince paid for their London apartment. Along with a 397-page document consisting details of transactions as well as receipts of payments since 2011, the Sharif family submitted a letter from a Qatari ... Read More »

The Political Economy of Demonetising High Value Notes

The government’s high profile war on black money has generated mixed responses. However, both supporters and opponents of the 2016 demonetisation agree that the move has caused immense hardship to people, especially those outside the banking system and without alternative means to access goods and services in a largely cash economy. Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, discusses ... Read More »

Dinosaurs’ rise was ‘more gradual,’ new fossil evidence suggests

Researchers have discovered two small dinosaurs together with a lagerpetid, a group of animals that are recognized as precursors of dinosaurs. The discovery made in Brazil represents the first time that a dinosaur and a dinosaur precursor have ever been found together. Researchers have discovered two small dinosaurs together with a lagerpetid, a group of animals that are recognized as ... Read More »

More pupils absent from school for family holidays

The proportion of pupils skipping school for family holidays has risen, official figures have revealed. According to the data, 7.6 per cent of pupils missed at least half a day due to a family holiday in the autumn and spring terms 2015/16, up from 7.2 per cent the previous year. The statistics, released by the Department for Education (DfE), include ... Read More »

Harvard University suspends men’s football team and cancels season over lewd comments about female side

Harvard University has suspended its men’s football team for the rest of the season over sexual comments made about members of the women’s team. Drew Faust, the university president, announced in a statement that an investigation into the 2012 team found that their “appalling” comments were not isolated and have continued through to the current season. “I was deeply distressed ... Read More »

White working class boys perform worst at GCSEs, research shows

White working class boys are the worst performing ethnic group in the country, new research has showed, with three-quarters failing to achieve five good GCSE grades. Only 24% of white British schoolboys gain five A*-Cs including English and Maths in their end of secondary school exams – making them the worst performing of the main ethnic groups in the country. ... Read More »

Dhoni rues loss of wickets at regular intervals

The ongoing One-day series between India and New Zealand is tipped as a crucial series for Mahendra Singh Dhoni with respect to his career and its longevity. Losing the second ODI match at the Feroz Shah Kotla Ground would not make a huge dent to his career plans by any stretch of imagination. The visitors’ six run victory in New ... Read More »