Tuesday , 21 May 2019

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Beef Ban in India

LET US SIGN PETITION NOT TO BAN BEEF NDTV INDIA, has announced:- पर महाराष्ट्र सरकार द्वारा beef  के बारे में वोटिंग चल रही है । गौ मांस बन्दी कानून के विरूध अधिक वोट आ रहे हैं ।सभी मुसलमान कृपया निम्नलिखित link पर जायें तथा NO का बटन दबायें ।नीले अक्षरों पर कुछ देर अंगुली रखें और NO दबा कर SUBMIT   ... Read More »


TURKEY COUP ATTEMPT IMAGES Turkish President Reception: Tayyip Erdogan returned to Istanbul on Saturday, saying his government had regained control after an army faction attempted to overthrow him. At least 336 people were arrested and at least 60 others were killed as soldiers and tanks took to the streets late on Friday and multiple explosions rang out throughout the night ... Read More »

Turkey Coup-2

Turkey Foils Bloody Coup Attempt, Closes In On Renegade Forces Over 250 people have been killed in Turkey coup attempt 1,563 military members have been arrested so far Turkey’s government defeated a coup attempt by a renegade faction of the military that pummeled government and security institutions overnight with fighter jets, reasserting control Saturday after hours of chaos and clashes ... Read More »

Army Coup in Turkey 2016

A SECT OF ARMY GROUP BRINGS COUP IN TURKEY Cleric Fateullah Golen Staying in PA USA did conspiracy to bring Coup as per T Erdogan.  Turkey Army Chief in House Arrest   A section of Army Group declared Army Coup in Turkey. They have house arrested the Army Chief. The President Tayyip Erdogan has claimed the situation is under control ... Read More »

State Intelligence Dept. gives clean chit to Naik

State Intelligence Dept. gives clean chit to Naik; no arrest on his return to India The Maharashtra State Intelligence Department (SID) has given a clean chit to controversial preacher Zakir Naik, conceding there is simply no case to be made out against the televangelist for now. Sources in the special team of the SID handling the investigation ordered by the ... Read More »

Terrorism By Israel At Masjid-Aqsa

Is UNO Sleeping When Israel Beat People in Itikaf? Israeli created Terrorism at Masjid Aqsa when Palestinian were doing Itikaf. Is Israel not be called a Terrorist? See the Video here:-   We ask USA, UK, Russia and China to take action on atrocities on religion.   Read More »

Charity in Ramadan

Charity In Ramadan At Abu Dhabi Ramadan is a month of fast for Muslim which Allah has ordained all of us to observe. Muslims, all over the world keep fasting in this month to release what is hunger and disciplined themselves not to drink water or syrup or smoke, don’t have sex during fasting and do charity to the poor. ... Read More »

Hyderabad International Airport

You Must Take Care of Your Luggage At Hyderabad International Airport We received through whatsup the report from a victim at Hyderabad International Airport as follows:- We advise all passengers to keep valuable in carry bags. See this re port as well:- RED ALERT: WARNING.Everybody read this very, very carefully please. Passport Tearing at Airports Be careful at Airports , ... Read More »

Stop Vilification Campaign Against Dr Zakir Naik

STOP VILIFICATION ISIS GROUP NOTHING TO DO WITH DR. ZAKIR NAIK WE ALL STAND WTH DR ZAKIR NAIK Following the tragic and inhuman attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 1st July 2016, against innocent civilians by a group of young men, allegedly affiliated to the terror group ISIS, reports have started to appear in Indian newspapers, which deliberately attempt to link ... Read More »


IS SMOKING HARAM, HALAL OR MAKROOH Smoking is nothing but a slow poison ‘SMOKING KILLS’ According to Qur’an and Hadith (The saying of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) all intoxicants are ‘haram’ whereas tobacco is an intoxicating substance. Intoxicants in the light of Qur’an: (Surah Al-Baqarah Ch:2 V:195) وَلَاتُلْقُوابِأَيْدِيكُمْإِلَىالتَّهْلُكَةِ “Don’t make your own hands the cause of ... Read More »