Wednesday , 16 August 2017

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Stupid War

A Stupid War It is proved that USA launched Iraq war & helped Libya revolution by creating a political vacuums in those countries. We cannot blame Obama as it happened during Bush period which includes twin tower attack. USA knows very well that Israel made expansion policy in early fifties,  the Map is known to USA, still we support Israel ... Read More »


Hadith Of The Day Nu’man b. Bashir (Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon himn) as having said this (and Nu’man) pointed towards his ears with his fingers): What is lawful is evident and what is unlawful is evident, and in between them are the things doubtful which many people do not know. ... Read More »

BJP increases religious hate in India

BJP Government in India is The Source Of Increasing Religious Hatred in India BJP prime Minister poses to be an stalwart of peace & progress in India whereas he acts like fool on visit to Russia  He even does not know to stand silent when National Anthem is played, Russian has to pull him & remind. You may seen his ... Read More »

Questions to Defense USA

Questions by Gahm the Senstor Subscribed by Dr. Abdul Q Khan Watch the answere given by Defense USA on the involvement of USA forces in Syria:   I am sorry to say even Generals of USA don’t know the answer & the repercussion of the USA Army in Syria. Read More »

Maintenance of Harmain Shareef

Miantenance of Harmsin Shareef  By The King & Board Subscribed by Dr. Asra Iqbal Harm ain Shareef in Mecca & Madina are regularly maintained by the King, Board & Staff. They are cleaned & cented. Almost more than 20,000 devotees visit every day apart from Hajj. Please watch this video: Read one 255 Ayah of Surah Baqra of Quran after ... Read More »

Now Secret of Hello

Know The Secret of “Hello” Subsribed by Amer Jabri Jeddah SA Was “Hello” the name of Alexander Graham Bell’s wife? Knowing above, can we suggest some word replacing “Hello”? By Nitin Govindan No. This is a popular hoax on internet. Mabel Hubbard was Bell’s girlfriend who he later marries on 1877. The telephone was patented in 1876. Graham Bell actually ... Read More »

Health Tip-4

Health Tips Subscribed by ASIF Iqbal, India Thyroid Treatment through Exercise   Thyroid develop faster in majority of persons but noticed when the reach the age of 35-40. It can be Hypo or Hyper & in some cases they grow large to create breathing problem & in some cases they can be cancerous . Please watch this video & follow. ... Read More »


Hadith of The Day It was narrated from Hamzah bin ‘Amr Al- Aslami [ra] that he said: “O Messenger of Allah (pbuh), I find that i have the strength to fast when travelling; is there any sin on me for that?” The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “It is a concession from Allah, so whoever avails himself of it has ... Read More »

Why We Celebrate Prophet Birth Day

Is It Right To Celebrate Prophet MUHAMMED SAWS Birthday? Subscribed by HAMID Ali Shah Jeddah SA We have seen in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & many cities in the world celebrate Prophets Birthday? Why we go against the tradition of Sahabah, Tabayeen, Tabatabayeen & all 4 Imams. We follow their Madhab & Fiqh, who never celebrated Prophet birth or dead day. ... Read More »

Health Tips-3

How to Eat Subscribed by Dr. Asra Iqbal Food is very important for survival. There are many who don’t even get one square meal. Many die out of hunger in the world.  Those who are healthy still don’t follow the basic few norms while eating food. Here are few tips in Hindi/English:       Read More »