Thursday , 19 October 2017

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Muslim Spelling Bee set to make debut in India Muslim Spelling Bee, a word based competition which began in the United States to cater to Muslim students, is set to make an entry in India. The competition, started to provide a platform for Muslim students, will be open to all communities when it begins in June this year. The initiative was ... Read More »

Debate swamy-owaisi

Debate Between Subramumiam Swamy of BJP & Assaduddin Owaisi of Majlis  Babri Masjid in India was demolished by communal parties long back. The title issue is to be decided by Supreme Court. RSS & BJP wanted to construct Mosque at some other place & give the existing land for construction of Mandir as KRISHNA Janam Bhumi whereas no one knows ... Read More »

Legal Defence Palestine

Legal Defence Palestine We received the the following help request from Legal Defence Palestine: Help Palestinian Detainees in Israeli military court Legal defense for Palestine has been established in 2015 to raise funds for legal defense for Palestinian Detainees in the Israeli military court system and also to a Israeli activists prosecuted for solidarity work. We come to you with ... Read More »

Help to a Mosque in Detroit, Michigan, US

Help for Mosque to Revive I am forwarding this appeal to you all so we can all help in whatever capacity to help this masjid raise the funds needed to reopen after it was shut down for some violations of city code. This is the masjid in my son’s neighborhood in Detroit run by nice people Alhamdulillah. The community there ... Read More »


Hadith Of The Day Womens are Prohibited from Wearing In-decent Cloths: Yahya related to me from Malik from Muslim ibn Abi Maryam from Abu Salih that Abu Hurayra said, “Women who are naked even though they are wearing clothes, go astray and make others go astray, and they will not enter the Garden and they will not find its scent, ... Read More »


Hadith Of The Day On authority of Sufian bin Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with him said: I said: “O Messenger of Allah, tell me something about Islam which I can ask of no one but you”. He said:” Say:’I believe in Allah’, and thereafter be upright.” (Sahi Muslim) Here upright means follow all instruction Allah has mentioned in Quran. ... Read More »

Quranic Cure “Ruqya”

RUQYA – A QURANIC CURE FROM MAGIC & DISEASES Quran is a Shifa (Cure) for the World which is called Ruqya and few Chapters have been advised to read by Prophet Muhammad SWAS as per Sahih Hadith. We have brought a practical solution to Magic and other Problems with Quranic cure. I am sure you read Surah Baqra where 3rd Ayah says: الَّذِينَ ... Read More »


Hadith Of The Day Narrated Abu Hurrairah (ra) The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever established salaat (prayer) on the night of Qadr (Decree) with sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.” (Al Bukhari 1901)   Read More »


Nuerocell Developed by Harvard with 7 Years Research is Real or Hoax Stephen Hawking while interviewing with Anderson Cooper of CNN claimed Nuerocell shall boost up the brain cells & doubl the IQ.  Dr. Rosenhouse gave us an exclusive inside look at the ingredients that make up this revolutionary smart drug: “It is engineered with all the ingredients containing vitamins and ... Read More »

The Truth

Truth By Urdu Poet Subscribed By Hamid Ali Shah Jeddah SA Muslims are required to be united & fight the enemy who are bent upon creating rift in Islam & Islamic countries. Read the Urdu poem written by Johar Kanpuri:- مسلمانوں کے نام جوھر کانپوری کا پیغام اب فقط شور مچانے سے نہیں کچھ ہوگا صرف ہوںٹوں کو ہلانے سے نہیں ... Read More »