Thursday , 19 October 2017

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A Film on Omer Farooq RWA

Egypt produced a historical Islamic serial which has been approved by Al-Azhar university even during Mursi period. It depicts on Great Sahabi Omar Farook RWA. It is good to show to children to know about Caliph. This is a flash file cannot be seen on smart phone if you has Flash Browser. Better watch on your PC. 1.§ion=view&vid_id=104639 2. ... Read More »

Rss Links with Beef Export

RSS Links with Beef Export Coy Subscribed By Sajid Ali Riyadh SA New Delhi: When controversial BJP lawmaker Sangeet Som visited Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri last week after a man was lynched there allegedly over beef rumours, he had accused Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s government of rescuing “cow killers.” Condemning cow slaughter, he had also claimed that it was leading to ... Read More »

India Lost Image in the World

Modi Looks to be  Prefering Man Slaughter than Cow Slaughter BAN AL-KABEER BEEF If you see I published the factory work & the management of Al Kabeer is owned by Hindu Managementvwho achieved number one in the world for Beef exoort. When Modi is not permitting slaughtering of cow due to religious reasons, why is he keeping quiet when he ... Read More »

Al-Kabeer the Beef exporter is from India

Al-Kabeer Beef Exporter The Owner is RSS Leader By Dr. Asra Iqbal  get a surprise when we think of the policies of RSS king “Modi”. He bans eating of Beef by poor Indians as the Mther Cow is killed whereas he is killing mother cow & exporting. This policy of hipocracy is not understood by anyone in India as well ... Read More »

Fatwa on Juma Prayer

Juma Prayer We do have doubt if the Juma prayer can be read at a place if 5 times prayer is not done. We got the FATWA from which is managed by Qatar Government. Their Scholars issue Fatwa which is accepted by all. Read at    Fatwa No : 82412 Jumah prayer at US colleges & universities   Fatwa ... Read More »

Hate Group in USA to create Armed Protest

Why This Hate Group? What US Government is doing? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Armed Anti-Muslim Protest Response: Coalition Building and Civic Engagement On October 9th and 10th, 2015, some US based hate groups are planning to hold anti-Muslim protests and rallies in 20+ cities around the nation, targeting Mosques, high-traffic Muslim communities and government buildings.  The targeted cities are listed below. Some ... Read More »

Modi the PM of India addressed UNO

Modi addressed & Sikhs Protested Modi, the PM of India addressed UNO where most of the me embers of UNO didn’t understood his speech as translation was failed when Sikhs outside UNO protested for allowing Hitler of the present day addressing UNO. I feel Muslims too must have protested: Read More »

Killing a man in place of cow is human?

Are you justified? killing a Cow or a Human? By Ateequr Rahman, Jeddah SA Modi the P M o India proved that killing a person in place Cow is simple & logical. This is proved in Maharashtra where RSS activist killed a person suspecting that he slaughtered a cow  Modi claims to be RSS worker in India before becoming PM. ... Read More »

Russia Enters War in Syria

Russia enters the war in Syria Russia shocked the West by having its aircraft attack rebel sites in Syria — not just so-called Islamic State, but also groups backed by Western powers. It’s a big boost for President Assad and a big slap in the face for President Obama. But how far is it an attempt to make the world ... Read More »


HADITHS By Hamid Ali Shah Jeddah SA من كنوز الجنة الكنز الأول عن عبادة رضي الله عنه قال : قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : من استغفر للمؤمنين والمؤمنات كتب الله له بكل مؤمن ومؤمنة حسنة الكنز الثاني عن ابن مسعود قال رضي الله عنه: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : لقيت إبراهيم ليلة أسري بي ... Read More »