Monday , 20 August 2018

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Muslim groups will be absent as Donald Trump hosts Iftar dinner

Trump broke a White House tradition celebrating the end of Ramadan last year but despite a U-turn American Muslims have little enthusiasm for breaking bread with the president  As Donald Trump hosts his inaugural Iftar dinner as president on Wednesday to mark the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims in the nation’s capital will hold a counter event just steps away ... Read More »

France’s anti-semitism manifesto is Islamophobic

The ‘Manifesto against the new anti-Semitism’ is ignorant of Islam’s history and teachings. The manifesto claims that, based on recent attacks on members of the Jewish community, a new anti-Semitism is rising in France and implies that Muslims are responsible for it. The text opens with the declaration that “anti-Semitism is a problem for everyone, not just Jews,” stating that ... Read More »

French Muslim student in media storm over headscarf

Maryam Pougetoux was slammed by ministers who said the garment was ‘shocking’ and a manifestation of ‘political Islam’.  A Muslim student at one of France’s top universities has found herself at the centre of a media storm after she appeared in a documentary wearing a headscarf. Maryam Pougetoux had appeared in the film to talk about student protests in the ... Read More »

Islamic dress code should be accommodated in schools – group

A Muslim campaign group says school uniforms should accommodate Islamic dress codes by allowing girls to wear full-length skirts, long-sleeved shirts and headscarves. The Irish Muslim Board has also called for school uniforms which have crucifix symbols or images of saints to be made optional in the interests of creating greater inclusivity. The recommendations are contained in the board’s submission ... Read More »

Ramadan 2018: Google searches to be tailored for the Holy Month

The California-based tech titan has unveiled new applications and products related to Ramadan intended to help practitioners of the Islamic faith during the most sacred month of the calendar. The company has recently rolled out an interactive calligraphy application called Qalam to help create 3-D Ramadan messages and cards as well as an augmented reality tool called the Qibla Finder ... Read More »

Workplace Woes, Part 3: High Employee Turnover

The following question comes to me from a reader interested in whether his feelings of anxiety in a turbulent workplace are normal. It follows Workplace Woes Part 1, in which another reader asked about how to best socialize at work as an introvert, and Part 2, in which a reader asks for advice convincing her colleagues of her point of ... Read More »

Muslim Man in Court for Threatening to Blow Up French Cathedral for Not Reading Quran

A 37-year-old male identified only by his first name, Ahmed, was brought to a court in Chalon-sur-Saône accused of threatening to blow up a cathedral with a hand grenade. On Saturday, the 37-year-old barged into local landmark St Vincent’s Cathedral of Chalon-sur-Saône and while intoxicated and carrying a bottle of alcohol he yelled: “It is the Quran that must be ... Read More »


Bohras prefer to pray at home as they find it hard to book a seat in Nalasopara mosque. For Dawoodi Bohras, Monday night was the first important night of this year’s Ramzan. But many who live in the western suburb of Nalasopara told Mumbai Mirror that they prayed at home. The reason: they c ould not afford to ‘book’ seats ... Read More »

UAE announces first day of Ramadan 2018

The moon-sighting committee met at Abu Dhabi Judicial Department after Maghrib prayers on Tuesday to look for the new crescent moon The moon-sighting committee met at Abu Dhabi Judicial Department after Maghrib prayers on Tuesday to look for the new crescent moon and determine when the holy month would begin. Earlier in the evening, the department urged the public to ... Read More »

Future Imperfect: India Hungrier and indebted than ever before

The data from the National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-4 conducted from January to December 2016 with a whopping sample size of 601,509 households brings the facts out like little else does. It found 35.7 percent of children below five years were underweight, 38.4 percent are stunted and 21 percent are wasted. The data on wasting is one of the most ... Read More »