Thursday , 13 December 2018

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Islam in America

A decade ago, we travelled across the US to explore the roots and influence of Islam in pre-Trump America. Ten years ago, Rageh Omaar embarked on a unique journey across the United States to reveal the truly surprising, counter-intuitive, and little-known world of Islam in America. From the major conurbations of New York City and Chicago, to the small town ... Read More »

Experts work toward creating national curriculum

Currently, Australian Islamic schools use approved curriculum for core subjects such as maths, science and English, but there is no cohesive religious studies or Arabic program. In an attempt to change that, leading experts in Islamic education from around the globe are meeting in South Australia to look at creating a standardised national Islamic studies curriculum that would become the ... Read More »

Muslim father ‘ordered’ by judge not to impose Islam on his children

A Muslim father whose three children are being cared for by a Christian foster family was told by a judge he must not “pressure” them about Islam. The unnamed 53-year-old has two sons and a daughter aged under 16, who have been living with the foster family since 2011. During that time, he has only seen them twice. In 2015, ... Read More »

Muslim woman gave baby daughter up for adoption for fear of suffering ‘honour-based violence’ from family

A Muslim woman gave up a baby daughter for adoption after saying she feared being assaulted as a result of bringing shame on her family, a judge has been told. The child was fathered by a man with whom the married woman had a relationship while going through a divorce, family court judge Carol Atkinson heard. Judge Atkinson said the ... Read More »

The London mosque caught between two types of hate

Behind a glass door inside Al Madina Mosque, Ashfaq Siddique stands at ramrod attention, his eyes darting. He is the mosque’s guiding spirit. He is also a former policeman with Scotland Yard. He is scanning live feeds from 36 closed-circuit cameras that monitor everything from the prayer hall to the ablutions room. He is searching for trouble. None in the ... Read More »

Clampdown on madrassas misses the point of why parents send children for extra study

David Cameron used his recent speech at the Conservative Party Conference to announce that madrassas, Sunday schools, yeshivas and other religious institutions that teach children “intensively” will have to register with the Department for Education and will be subject to inspection. The prime minister’s proposals mean that all religious supplementary schools in England that teach children for more than eight ... Read More »

Azamgarh mosques double up as primary schools

Amid the mushrooming convent schools, mosques still continue to be popular centres of learning at least up to the primary class level in Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh district. The trend is more common in cities and towns where Islamic primary schools are rare. There are more than 100 mosques in Azamgarh city and around 40 per cent offer primary education. A ... Read More »

Funds for math in madrassas not Islamic laws: Centre

The government will not fund religious instruction like Quranic interpretation and Islamic law at madrassas (religious schools), but financially support regular subjects like math and science that may soon be taught there as part of its modernisation process. The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development will link madrassas with the National Institute of Open School and introduce Mathematics, Social Sciences, ... Read More »

Pakistani Teacher Aqeela Asifi ranked among Top Ten Teachers of the World

When Aqeela Asifi was nominated for the “Global Teachers Prize” in 2016, she was also nominated alongside ten of the best and most dedicated teachers from around the world – which is an achievement within itself. Aqeela Asifi was trained as a teacher in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, was forced to leave her home country when the Taliban took it over ... Read More »

Govt asked to remove controversial lesson from course book

Political and civil society activists have threatened that if the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board doesn’t remove a controversial lesson about Pakhtun hero Malik Kalu Khan from the ninth grade English book, then they would take the case to court. Addressing a convention on ‘Kalu Khan, a hero of Pakhtuns’, at Haqqani Library Hall here on Sunday, they maintained that Yousafzai ... Read More »