Friday , 22 June 2018

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Viber looks like a racist

Vibe behaves Like Racist We had thousands of contact via http.// & which resulted in devoloping hundreds of Viber contacts. We formed Groups of less than hundreds & started communicating to Muslims to be true Muslim not to be misguided through mislead politicians but we were surprised to see Viber cancelling our accounts whereas whatsup & linked in is ... Read More »

Tragic Incident During Hajj

Stampede in Hajj By a Voluntary Reporter at Jeddah SA MIT became the day of mourning for hundreds of families when hundreds of Hajis died in a stampede while returning from Arafat. The reason for this stampede, figures of dead & injured are not known so far. Watch the Video taken at site:   Read More »

Celebrating Eid Al Adha – Eid Mubarak to all

Eid Mubarak to All Subscribed by Riyadh Jabri, USA Alhamdulillah, Muslims all over the world performed Hajj, one of the pillars of Islam. Here you see teeming Millions are performing Hajj at Arafat, Saudi Arabia: It is Sunnah to perform fast for 9 days and celebrate Eid on 10th day of Dhul Hajj. Muslims have only two Eids, one after ... Read More »

Hajj, one of the Pillars of Islam is done

الله اكبر لا اله الله و لله الحمد عىد مبارك Hajj is done Subscribed by Ateequr Rahman Jeddah SA Million of Muslims came to Saudi Arabia from all over the world to perform Hajj to abide by Allah SWAT order in Quran. There is no white, no black, no reach & no poor, all wear 2 pieces of cloth & ... Read More »

Parents Counseling

Parents Counseling Parents have to do a lot to bring up their children. The present environment is not at all ideal for the children. Those living in Christian countries like Europe, UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand etc. have to be more attentive. The bombardment of various internet gadgets like TV, Mobile phones, internet games & porno-website has further increased ... Read More »

Viber Cancels account without notice

Viber Cancels Account without Notice I had an Viber account. I had hundred of contacts. I formed groups and used to chat on Islamic matters. Viber disabled my account without notice. I tried to enable my account. Viber is connected with our mobile phone. They send the text to phone. When I wrote my phone they said “invalid phone” though ... Read More »

Charity in Islam

Charity in Islam  Subscribed by Amer Jabri Jeddah, SA We quote few Ayah of Quran where Allah has promoted & instructed to give charity to get rewarded by Allah swat. I invite people to know about Islam before victims of Islamophobia. They say Islam teaches terrorism by quoting few examples of criminals who happened to be Muslims but they never ... Read More »

The Day of Arafah

The Day of Arafah  Subscribed by Kaleem Niyaz Canada Fasting the Day of Arafah is WAJIB as per many Hadiths of Prophet saws: (Wed. Sep. 23) Fasting on the Day of Arafah is an expiation (of the sins) for two years, the year before it and the year following it [Muslim]. We can put in extra effort to do more ... Read More »

Ahmed a student of 9 Class was arrested in Texas as Terrorist

Ahmed Class 9 Student Arrested You probably heard about the horrible story of a 9th grader named Ahmed Mohamed who was arrested by police in Irving, Texas for bringing a homemade clock to school. His teacher thought it looked like a “movie bomb.” Ahmed’s principal called the police, who arrested him. Today, millions of people across America are declaring they ... Read More »

Falling of Crane at Haram Shareef Mecca

Falling of Crane at Haram Shareef Mecca By our Voluntary Reporter at Jeddah SA It was a heavy sand storm which lead a crane to fall killing 62 which was one of the Tragic day at Haram Kaba. You can see king Salman shouldering a dead body of the victim taken to graveyard in the picture. The following picture were ... Read More »