Sunday , 18 August 2019

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Middle East

Palestine: Israeli forces kill Palestinian in West Bank

RAMALLAH (AA): A Palestinian youth was shot dead by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. Salameh Kaabneh was killed by Israeli fire near the city of Jericho, the ministry said in a statement. Israeli police, for its part, said its forces opened fire on a speeding vehicle, whose driver refused orders ... Read More »

Egypt: Fire kills 25 at Cairo’s main train station

Egypt: Fire kills 25 at Cairo’s main train station 28th Feb 2019 CAIRO (AA): At least 25 people were killed and 43 injured Wednesday when a fire tore through the main train station in Egypt’s capital, according to the Health Ministry. The fire broke out when a fuel tank exploded after a train collided with a safety barrier at Cairo’s ... Read More »


QATAR I HAVE RECEIVED VIA WHATSUP WHICH I QUOTE HERE:- You know the recent conflict with Saudi on Qatar. It is better to know the few facts on Qatar. Why is Qatar next Target? ✅ – The highest per capita income in the world at the rate of 146 thousand dollars annually ✅ – The second country in the ... Read More »

Hungarian Muslim group criticises town’s ‘xenophobic’ decrees

Hungarian Islamic Community attacks ban on mosques, muezzins and clothes such as niqab and burkini by mayor of Ásotthalom One of Hungary’s main Muslim organisations has decried what it said are “xenophobic” steps taken by an ultra-nationalist local mayor. The town of Ásotthalom on the Serbian border last week banned mosque construction, the use of a muezzin at prayer times ... Read More »

Dutch parliament paves way for approval of partial Islamic veil ban

Lower house approves ban on clothing that covers faces, including burqa and niqab, in official buildings, schools and hospitals The lower house of the Dutch parliament has approved a limited ban on “face-covering clothing”, including the burqa and niqab. The legislation, approved on Tuesday by a large majority in the 150-seat house of representatives, must be approved by the upper ... Read More »

Sadness in Quran

SADNESS IN QURAN We become sad at times whereas sadness is never mentioned in Quran except in forbidding way or negating way. We feel depressed at times. You hear most of the time so and so is in depression. A Muslim can be sad as it is not mentioned in Quran. Smiling gets us many good deeds. Allah says always ... Read More »

Prying on Others

PRYING ON OTHERS Reporting without investigation it has been a trend of the day to send on what’s up without investigation. Few keep prying on others. Islam prohibits this. We must quote Quranic Ayah to tell about Allah’s instructions not the cooked up story which is a lie. Quran clearly says on this subject:- وَمَا ظَنُّ الَّذِينَ يَفْتَرُونَ عَلَى اللَّهِ ... Read More »

Islamist hyperextremism’ could bring world to brink of catastrophe – report

Catholic charity says the kind of religiously motivated violence espoused by Isis has led to attacks in one in five countries in last two years A new and deadly wave of Islamist “hyperextremism” is undermining global peace and stability with an impact felt in the Middle East, Africa and the west, according to a new report that calls for urgent ... Read More »

Collapsing of Word Economy

Collapsing of Word Economy Connected with USA Economy I was amazed to received Hyderabadi Urdu Video which says about USA economy which is connected with world economy. Amercan president cannot control the Central bank as it is in the hands of Zionist. Please  watch this video and assess yourself at Read More »

Dubai to have hyperloop prototype by 2020

Dubai: Dubai is all set to have a 20km prototype of hyperloop by 2020. The Roads and Transport Authority signed an agreement with Hyperloop One on Tuesday to start the feasibility study to build the super fast transportation network that will reduce the travel time between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to 10 minutes. Capable at travelling at the speed of ... Read More »