Thursday , 15 November 2018

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World Cup to Compete With Muslim Holiday in Middle East


In the Middle East, the 2014 FIFA World Cup will overlap with Ramadan, the Muslim holy fasting month and consequently the biggest time of the year for broadcasters, when big-budget skeins and soaps premiere as families gather in the evening to break the daylong fasts and watch TV. The World Cup lasts for one month, from June 12-July 13, whereas ... Read More »

‘How twins born in Makkah changed our lives’

Remember Ishaaq and Amina Canthitoo, the Durban couple who went for Haj last year and returned home with twins born in Makkah? Well, the twins who were born two months pre-maturely in the HolyCity have already turned seven months old – and they look all chubby and healthy. With Haj just around the corner, the couple says the memories of ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia bans books of pro-Muslim Brotherhood clerics


Saudi authorities have banned the sale of books by two Islamist authors known to be sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, the London-based daily al-Hayat reported on Monday. The Saudi-owned paper said it has confirmed information that books authored by Saudi cleric Salman al-Odah and his Kuwaiti counterpart Tariq al-Suwaidan were ordered to be removed from the bookstores. Hussein al-Ghamdi, manager ... Read More »