Thursday , 15 November 2018

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Ramadan Is Here

Get Prepared for Ramadan- RAMADAN MUBARAK Many of us have been counting the days remaining up to the holy month of Ramadan. Five days, four, three, two and the next thing you know here it is. Now the final countdown is here. For a believer the name of this month “Ramadan” gives the thought of joy, rewards and a feeling ... Read More »

Islamic Online University at Dubai Managed by Scholar Bilal Phillips

Islamic Online University at Dubai Managed by Scholar Bilal Phillips Assalam o alikum warahmatullah brothers and sisters, Habus bint Bashir (1182-1768 – 1240/1825) attended gatherings of men for study. In 1208/1794 her father appointed her as a ruler over part of his domain which she ruled wisely. During a time when her father was imprisoned by the Ottoman authorities, she ... Read More »

Legal Defence Palestine

Legal Defence Palestine We received the the following help request from Legal Defence Palestine: Help Palestinian Detainees in Israeli military court Legal defense for Palestine has been established in 2015 to raise funds for legal defense for Palestinian Detainees in the Israeli military court system and also to a Israeli activists prosecuted for solidarity work. We come to you with ... Read More »

The Truth

Truth By Urdu Poet Subscribed By Hamid Ali Shah Jeddah SA Muslims are required to be united & fight the enemy who are bent upon creating rift in Islam & Islamic countries. Read the Urdu poem written by Johar Kanpuri:- مسلمانوں کے نام جوھر کانپوری کا پیغام اب فقط شور مچانے سے نہیں کچھ ہوگا صرف ہوںٹوں کو ہلانے سے نہیں ... Read More »

Questions to Defense USA

Questions by Gahm the Senstor Subscribed by Dr. Abdul Q Khan Watch the answere given by Defense USA on the involvement of USA forces in Syria:   I am sorry to say even Generals of USA don’t know the answer & the repercussion of the USA Army in Syria. Read More »

Now Secret of Hello

Know The Secret of “Hello” Subsribed by Amer Jabri Jeddah SA Was “Hello” the name of Alexander Graham Bell’s wife? Knowing above, can we suggest some word replacing “Hello”? By Nitin Govindan No. This is a popular hoax on internet. Mabel Hubbard was Bell’s girlfriend who he later marries on 1877. The telephone was patented in 1876. Graham Bell actually ... Read More »

Why We Celebrate Prophet Birth Day

Is It Right To Celebrate Prophet MUHAMMED SAWS Birthday? Subscribed by HAMID Ali Shah Jeddah SA We have seen in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & many cities in the world celebrate Prophets Birthday? Why we go against the tradition of Sahabah, Tabayeen, Tabatabayeen & all 4 Imams. We follow their Madhab & Fiqh, who never celebrated Prophet birth or dead day. ... Read More »

Watch Videos

Watch These Videos Subscribed by SAJID Ali Riyadh SA The following are very useful videos in Urdu & English. All are requested to watch:     Read More »

Terrorism increased or decreased

After the Attack on Iraq & Fall down of Gaddafi rgime, Terrorism increased by 4500% Watch this video: Read More »

Celebrating New Year

Spending Millios of Dollars on Lighting When Millions Are Hungry Subscribed by SAJID ALI Jeddah SA See the contrast when Million are hungry, we spend million of Dollars on lighting. You are aware of Khalifa Tower in Dubai where Million of Dollars are wasted for lighting celebrating new year. Watch this video to understand the depth: Basically even Muslims adapted ... Read More »