Thursday , 15 November 2018

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Middle East

Qadiyani Imam

Qadiyani Imam & Others in Sunni Masjid at Hyderabad India Subscribed by SAJID Ali, Riyadh SA 4 persons entered into a Sunni Masjid & preaching that Gulam Ahmed Qadiyan is the last Ptophet. Local Sunni Imam saved them from beating by locals & handed over to police & filed FIR. Watch this video:     Read More »

Ban on celebrating Milad

Saudi Government arrested around 2000 visitors for celebrating Milad at Madina Ateeq ur Rahman Jeddah SA Few ASIAN Muslims entered Haram Sharif MADINA & started celebrating Milad which is against Islam & promoted by Saudi Government. Celebrating Milad or Profit birthday is prohited in Islam & there is no instance during the period of Sahabi, Tabsyeen or Taba Tabayeen, there ... Read More »

India is highest in crime

India Leads in the World in Crimes Subscribed by Sajid Ali Riyadh SA i expected Pakistan was leading in the world in comes but I am surprised to see India is leading in crimes in the World. See the following videos. I also heard about Assududdin Owaisi receiving threats from ISIS  for blaming isis for terrorism. Watch the following videos: ... Read More »

Saudi tense with Iran

Saudi Arabia has severed his relations with the Execution of Shiite Imam- How Saudi Will Manage His Budget Deficient Over 100 Billion USD? Saudi brought the price of Oil down so that USA cannot produce oil which proved incompatible in view of the present prices which resulted in over 100 Billion deficient in ther budget. Is he going to cut ... Read More »

Bombing Of Yemen

Bombing of Yemen Bombing of Yemenis people Can we get rid of the dictator of Yemen with war? It has created a tribal war & many civilians are dead. Is it s solution? This infighting and external intervention will not solve the fitna of Yemen, all factions need to lay down their arms and come to some agreement on power-sharing ... Read More »


Hadith of the Day on Cure By Sajid Ali Riyadh SA You are aware of the cure by herbs as the Prophet’s saws medicine which includes black seed (Kalonji), honey, ginger ETC. Here is the Hadith on spiritual cure. Please watch the video: Read More »

Muslims collect Rs 50k to bail out 15 Hindu convicts

Alhamdulillah, UP, India Muslims Show the Real Islam Subscribed by Ateequr Rahman, Jeddah SA From Times of India BAREILLY: As the controversy rages over “intolerance” in the country, here is a group of Muslim men who have quietly done for 15 Hindu men what even their own kin could not. The Muslim men pooled in money to be able to ... Read More »

Extreme flood in Chennai

Next Wave Of Flood In Chennai India Subscribed by Smer Jabri Jedda Warning: if any of your friends or relatives are living in Chennai ask them to leave Chennai immediately because in the next 72 hours very heavy rain is expected more than multiple level of the present rain. Evacuate your family but be there again in chennai to do ... Read More »

Muslims’ Service in Flood

Muslims’ Service in Chennai, India Flood Subscribed by Ateequr Rahman Jeddah SA Muslims must seize an opportunity to help flood stricken as shown by Chennai India Muslims who got the praise from local Hindu. This is what Allah teaches us in Quran. I could see in Face Book the following write-up by Non-Muslim: Below are Face Book posts by non ... Read More »

7 Stupid Wars

7 Stupid Wars Against Islamic States  Subscribed by Ateequr Rahman Jeddah SA Two cats fight for a piece of bread & monkey becomes the judge to decide; none of the cats get bread. This is what happening in Islamic States which we need to understand as Muslims. This happened since ages, divide & rule. Are we so stupid that we ... Read More »