Thursday , 15 November 2018

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Middle East

Who is Terrorist?

Are Muslims Terrorists Subscribed By Sajid Ali Riyadh, SA MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS AND TERRORISTS ARE NOT MUSLIMS.” In the HISTORY of the world, who has KILLED maximum INNOCENT human beings 1) “Hitler” Do you know who he was? He was a Christian, but media will never call Christians terrorists. 2) “Joseph Stalin called as Uncle Joe”. He has killed ... Read More »

Israel Lobby by Gideon Levy Columnist

Views by Gideon Levy Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Columnist Subscribed by Ateequr Rahman, Jeddah SA Will Israel want to leave in peace? will Israel allow Palestias to leave in peace? if American President would have been the Palestinian, would he join the Terrorist organization? Is USA doing good to support Israel? Israel PM invited Israelis from all over the world to ... Read More »

Modi is losing his ground

Modi the PM of India Losing His Ground in India Subscribed By Sajid Ali Riyadh, SA Modi’s communal policy letting him down every where in India. He has issued various orders to curtail the expression of his RSS friend. Recently BJP & RSS disowned the appreciation of Godsey, the killer of Late Mahatma Gandhi on the anniversary of Godsey by ... Read More »

God Exists

Beautiful Explanation for Atheists Subscribed by Sajid Ali Riyadh S A Please watch this Video:     Read More »

Health Tips-2

Keep Yourself Healthy Subscribed by M HAMID Ali Shah Jeddah SA 🌸 CAUSES OF KIDNEY DISEASES. BEWARE… BEWARNED! Nigerians are increasingly dying as a result of kidney disease. HOW TO AVERT THE MENACE OF KIDNEY DISEASE: 1. Stop delaying going to a toilet. Keeping your urine in your bladder for too long is a bad idea. A full bladder can ... Read More »

Aftermath of Bihar Election

Aftermath of Bihar Election  By Sajid Ali Riyad SA Bihar India election brought Nitish & Lallu Prasad party in thumping majority supported by Congress Party. It faded the dreams of BJP which may create repercussion in future election throughout India. The statement of Supreme Court Lawyer Jethmalani,  calling Modi as liar may further spoil the issue. Minorities already fed up ... Read More »

Meraj & Doing Special Ibadah

Celebrating Shan-e-Meraj By Dr. Zaki •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• SHAB E MERAJ – PART 1 of 3 •••• •••• •••• •••• •••• (The Prophet’s Night Journey and Ascent into heaven) ➨ QURAN 17:1 Exalted is He (ALLAH) who took His Servant (Prophet Muhammad) by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al- Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show ... Read More »

Disturbed India

Disturbed India in Modi’s Period as PM By Sajid Ali Riyadh SA Narender Modi has completed almost 18 months as the PM of India. He proved To be degrading India’s respect as a nation in front of the world. His RSS colleagues have become bold to accept their crimes where Modi helped them. The economy of India is crushing and ... Read More »

Scams in India

INDIAN Scams By Sajid Ali Riyadh SA Watch scams done by politicians in India:- Read More »

Carlson Remarks Reply against Islam

  You Must know Carlson Waht is Islam By Sajid Ali, Riyadh SA I don’t know what happened to Mr Carlson who passes remarks against Muslims. He passed various remarks which has been replied here. Watch this video:-     Read More »