Tuesday , 20 March 2018

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Boxer Amir Khan has been arrested after allegedly attacking two teenagers in a street assault.


The 27-year-old former World Champion and Olympic silver medallist was arrested in the early hours of today following an incident in Russell Street, Bolton, as his alleged victims were returning from a nearby mosque. Police said the two men were hurt but not seriously injured in the incident. Witnesses said the alleged attack happened after Mr Khan pulled up alongside ... Read More »

Muslim World Cup players face Ramadan decision

France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria and Nigeria are among the teams that have Muslim players who may choose to observe the 30-day period of fasting and reflection. During Ramadan, the ninth and holiest month in the Islamic calendar, all healthy adult Muslims are expected to refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours. Such a scenario could play havoc with ... Read More »

Ramadan Poses Test to Muslim Players at World Cup


The observance of Ramadan, one of Islam’s five pillars, is a religious obligation in which Muslims fast and forgo any liquids from dawn until dusk over the course of a month. The month begins Saturday night, and Abdien’s usually quiet mosque has been inundated with newcomers. “Normally we have 100, maybe 150 people here every Friday to pray, after the ... Read More »

‘Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant would love Islam’

In a recent episode of “The Deen Show,” a conversation with Imam Abu Taubah about polygyny in Islam evoked references to Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant, two megastar athletes whose squeaky-clean images were both soiled by marital infidelity. While having a second (or third) wife isn’t for me, polygyny is allowed in Islam, and Taubah presents a thought-provoking argument: Source: ... Read More »

11 Muslim players to watch at the World Cup


Muslim players have been an integral part of the fabric of soccer — ahem, football — for as long as the game has been the international pastime. It’s only natural that the world’s most popular sport and the world’s second-largest religion would intersect, but it seems only recently has mainstream Western media acknowledged the impact Muslim players are having on ... Read More »

The contribution of Muslim Players in World Cup

TOP STARS OF FRANCE WORLD CUP TEAM ARE MUSLIMS I was watching world up match between France and Honduras. I saw one bearded-player entered the field and raised his hands toward sky and making “Dua” (supplication). Few more doing the same action. I checked and found his name as Karim Mostafa Benzema, a star-player who score the first goal and ... Read More »

Pakistan May Not Have Made The World Cup Cut, But The Ball Is Another Story

brazuca_wide-ae93ab5f6eff3dd896c8533abdc03a710f38fcca (1)

As the World Cup bonanza kicks off in Brazil, it’ll be watched with unusual interest by a nation on the other side of the globe that enjoys no international success whatever on the soccer field. The 200 million or so people of Pakistan are far more celebrated for their wizardry at cricket than at soccer, but that doesn’t deter this ... Read More »

Ramadan could affect Muslim World Cup stars during Brazil tournament


A number of players in this summer’s World Cup may have to juggle their playing commitments with their dedication to the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims are supposed to refrain from all food and drink from dawn until dusk during Ramadan, which will fall during the tournament for the first time since 1986. The religious commitment is due to begin ... Read More »

Qatar: World Cup sponsors pressure FIFA after latest Qatar 2022 bribery allegations


World Cup sponsors Sony and Adidas have voiced concern over new allegations that bribes were paid to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup. The controversy comes less than a week before the 2014 tournament kicks off in Brazil. Japanese electronics giant Sony said in light of the latest allegations on Sunday that it expected an “appropriate” investigation. Last week, Britain’s ... Read More »

Meet the Muslim cyclists riding for peace – and to combat Islamophobia


A group of Muslims are riding from Glasgow to London to raise money for charity – and offset the negative attitudes and stereotypes of Islam, visiting mosques and war memorials along the way. One of the cyclists, heart specialist Dr Tauseef Khan, describes the humbling kindness the group have encountered along the way. Last weekend I travelled up to Glasgow ... Read More »