Tuesday , 27 June 2017

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The world’s biggest supercomputer

UNSW Australia is leading the race to build the world’s biggest quantum computer. NSW Australia is leading the race to build the world’s biggest computer, called a quantum computer, using silicon. Quantum computing differs from the computers we use today that process data in binary ones and zeroes. In quantum computing qubits can be one and zero at the same ... Read More »

Engineer with ‘black money’ stash: Bribes not taboo

LUCKNOW: The engineer was in the middle of his evening meditation session when a colleague called and told him to turn on the television. The Prime Minister was saying most of India’s cash would hold no value+ by morning. The objective was to rid the country of illegal “black money”+ for which taxes had not been paid. Money often associated ... Read More »

India vs England: Stuart Broad is a changed bowler

On one good foot, Stuart Broad sent down a vicious spell of fast bowling in the second innings at Vizag, indicating new-found maturity. When Stuart Broad looks at the mirror, he sees his chest as he is too tall for most mirrors. When he crouches a bit, he finds the one body characteristic he doesn’t like – “not enough broadness”, ... Read More »

Demonetisation: Opposition calls for countrywide protest on November 28

Earlier today, Opposition party MPs gathered at Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside Parliament and marched together after linking their arms to form a human chain. Opposition parties Wednesday called for a countrywide protest on November 28 against the cash crunch faced by the public. Earlier in the morning, Opposition party MPs gathered at Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside Parliament and marched together ... Read More »

A touch of ‘Games of Thrones’ magic on small Spanish town

When the mayor of the small southern Spanish town of Osuna called Jesus Cansino to tell him “Game of Thrones” was coming to shoot part of season five, he wouldn’t believe it. “She said, ‘They’re coming to film a series, I’m not sure you know it’. I started laughing,” says the 43-year-old town hall employee and long-time fan of the ... Read More »

The Islamic Legacy

The story of how this came about is far from simple, and much research needs to be done before its details are completely understood, but the broad outlines are clear. World Bulletin / News Desk The Arabs were the inheritors of the scientific tradition of late antiquity. They preserved it, elaborated it, and, finally, passed it on to Europe. When ... Read More »

New 1438 Hijri Year begins 2nd October

Muslims around the world will be marking the first month of the Islamic calendar, also known as Hijri New Year, the second holiest month in the religion’s calendar following Ramadan World Bulletin / News Desk The first month of new Islamic Hijri year 1438 Muhurram will start Sunday, according to astronomical calculations. With the Hijri lunar calendar being 11-12 days ... Read More »

Spanish Muslim Walks 9,000 km to Perform Umrah

World Bulletin / News Desk A Muslim Spaniard has reportedly walked more than 9,000 kilometres to perform Umrah after setting off from Paris five and a half months ago. According to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai, Ishaq intended to travel from France to Makkah on foot. He budgted 5,000 Euros (just 10 euros a day) for the trip and refused to ... Read More »

Muslims treated as equals in Taiwan, says Imam

World Bulletin / News Desk The Imam of Taipei’s Grand Mosque has claimed that Muslims are treated as equals in the small self-ruled island nation, although he says they lack the numbers to get financial support. In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Ibrahim Gao said that the around 200,000 Muslims in Taiwan were free to practice as they pleased. “Members of every religion ... Read More »

The man who brought Islam to South Africa – Sheikh Yusuf

The story of Sheikh Yusuf, who went to Arabia at a tender young age never to return to his homeland, turning these far lands into his ‘own Macassar’, has a lot of deep wisdom World Bulletin / News Desk “Sheikh Yusuf is commonly known in South Africa as the founder of Islam”. This is the first sentence that will appear ... Read More »