Monday , 17 December 2018

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A Film on Omer Farooq RWA

Egypt produced a historical Islamic serial which has been approved by Al-Azhar university even during Mursi period. It depicts on Great Sahabi Omar Farook RWA. It is good to show to children to know about Caliph. This is a flash file cannot be seen on smart phone if you has Flash Browser. Better watch on your PC. 1.§ion=view&vid_id=104639 2. ... Read More »

India Lost Image in the World

Modi Looks to be  Prefering Man Slaughter than Cow Slaughter BAN AL-KABEER BEEF If you see I published the factory work & the management of Al Kabeer is owned by Hindu Managementvwho achieved number one in the world for Beef exoort. When Modi is not permitting slaughtering of cow due to religious reasons, why is he keeping quiet when he ... Read More »

Shariah Law

Why The Non-Muslims Against Shariah Law? By Ateequr Rahman, Jeddah SA What is Shariah Law? It is attached to Islam whereas Shariah Law was enforced by the creator for all Prophet came earlier than Prophet Muhammed SAWS. It is not a new thing which the creator has enforced on the last Prophet saws. I feel the only thing it has ... Read More »

Wearing boys dresses by Girls

Girls Wearing Boys Dress Islam prohibits boys wearing girls dress or girls wearing boys dress. I have seen few parents do this out of love & affection in most of the cases or in few cases if they don’t have boy or girl children: Most of us don’t know the mandate of Allah SWAT & the Prophet SWAS, we commit many ... Read More »

Take Care of Your Phone/PC/IPad Camera

Take Care of Camera We have been using IPhone/PC/IPad camera recklessly, you know it works as the third eye for the enemy/conspirators. At time we put on the camera & forget whereas the opposit side or the hackers may be watching you & your room happenings, listen to your talk etc. It is always better  to put a sticker on ... Read More »

Tragedy at Haram Shareef Mecca

Great Tragedy at Haram Shareef Mecca By our Volunteer Reporter at Jeddah SA Few Hajis succumbed to death due to construction crane felled down. It was very windy & sand storm during this hour. أنا لله و انااليه راجعون Few picture & videos are posted Read More »

Arshad Khan, former Pakistan cricketer, driving Uber taxi in Sydney

News subscribed by Fahim Niyaz – Australia Remember Arshad Khan? The Pakistan off-spinner, who made his debut against West Indies in 1997-98? Arshad Khan played 9 Tests and 58 One-Day Internationals (ODIs) in between 1997 to 2006. On Monday, a social media user, Ganesh Birle, shared the information on Facebook that the former Pakistan cricketer was seen driving Uber Taxi ... Read More »

Turkish Election, officials target November for new elections

Turkish Election, officials target November for new elections Turkey’s election commission has proposed that any snap parliamentary election should be held on Nov. 1, officials of the ruling AK Party said on Thursday, reinforcing the sense that a re-vote is inevitable after June’s poll yielded no working majority. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu formally gave up its attempt to find a ... Read More »


AMERICAN MILITARY INTERVENTION PROVOKES ISLAMIC EXTREMISM                                                             Dr. S. Manzoor Alam The Muslim world has presently earned the dubious distinction of being the center of religious extremism and intolerance. Armed militias dominate the political landscape of Muslim countries. Factional conflicts, sectarian violence, deficit of democracy and intolerance of dissent are ubiquitous. They prevent the Muslim countries from making any progress ... Read More »

Hadith 37

Riyad-us-Saliheen Volume 1 Chapter 3 37. Narrated Abu Sa’id and Abu Hurairah (RA): The Prophet (SAW) said, “Never a believer is stricken with a discomfort, an illness, an anxiety, a grief or mental worry or even the pricking of a thorn that his sins are not expiated for him.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim] Commentary: This Hadith mentions the special Grace and Mercy of ... Read More »