Monday , 27 May 2019

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Qatar Airways offers nutritious Iftar boxes on selected routes during Ramadan

Passengers flying on board Qatar Airways who are fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan will be offered a nutritious Iftar meal box filled with healthy options to break their fast. Specially designed “Ramadan Kareem” Iftar boxes will be offered in-flight on selected routes across the Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh, as well as selected stations in India and Africa. Customers ... Read More »


According to dpa, the news agency which first published the news, the ruling by the court explicitly stated that the colloquially named neutrality law which bans all kind of religious clothing won by judicial employees, public teachers, and police officers cannot be termed unconstitutional. The court made the point that the concerned teacher consented to follow that particular neutrality law ... Read More »

Suicide attacks violate Islamic principles, say influential Muslim scholars

Muslim scholars have declared that violent extremism and terrorism, including suicide attacks, are against Islamic principles, in an effort to convince the Taliban to lay down its weapons. Seventy prominent Muslim scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia issued the fatwa, during a conference discussion on ways to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan. Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who opened the one-day ... Read More »

Rohingya Muslim rescued at sea off Indonesia

Rights groups have said they are expecting many more refugees from Myanmar to attempt the dangerous sea crossings.  Indonesian fishermen have rescued at least five Rohingya off the island of Sumatra in the early hours of Friday and brought them ashore, officials said, in the first such landing this year amid media reports that five others had died at sea. ... Read More »

Can you be a Muslim if you’re an atheist?

In Zadie Smith’s essay about the British Pakistani writer Hanif Kureishi, she recalls his debut novel, The Buddha of Suburbia, being passed around like contraband in her history class. It was treasured for its sexual freedom and punk spirit, but its most thrilling quality was not its profanity, it was its perspective. “My name is Karim Amir,” the book begins, ... Read More »

Rixos the Palm Dubai Unveils Its Culinary Creations for Ramadan

A destination of distinct Turkish-inspired hospitality, Rixos The Palm Dubai has perfected the art of culinary this Ramadan with an exquisite feast combining healthy home-cooked cuisines with local cultures and traditions. The resort’s all-day dining restaurant A La Turca transforms sunsets into cherished moments for diners to relax and unwind with family and friends while enjoying all the delicacies prepared by ... Read More »

Antonio Banderas taps into Picasso’s complicated ‘Genius’

As a teenager growing up in Malaga, Spain, Antonio Banderas felt that the people of his hometown were never able to pay proper homage to its most famous son: Pablo Picasso, who died a political exile from the rule of military dictator Francisco Franco. “Picasso died in 1973, so it was impossible to receive the applause of the people of ... Read More »

Mitt Romney showed up to taunt Russell Westbrook like everyone else

The Knicks have Spike Lee, the Lakers have Jack Nicholson and the Raptors can claim Drake. The Jazz now have – Mitt Romney. The former Republican nominee for president – and current candidate for senate in Utah – was sitting right behind the scorer’s table for the Jazz’s Game 4 against the Thunder on Monday night in Salt Lake City. ... Read More »

Commentary: Will a Rising Son Raise Japan’s Global Brand?

A new era for Japan starts a year from now. Emperor Akihito abdicates the throne next April. Time literally begins anew and figuratively it marks the opening of a new chapter. In more ways than one, the government needs to decide what it means. First, they will actually choose a name and theme for the new era. There are, however, ... Read More »

Eat these breakfasts if you want to start losing weight

When it comes to weight loss, being healthy is not enough. Rather, sustainable weight loss comes down to calorie control and a balance of macronutrients — the carbs, proteins and fats that make up our food. This means that while popular breakfast options such as toast, yoghurt or a breakfast drink may appear to be relatively good options, they lack ... Read More »