Thursday , 15 November 2018

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Dubai to have hyperloop prototype by 2020

Dubai: Dubai is all set to have a 20km prototype of hyperloop by 2020.
The Roads and Transport Authority signed an agreement with Hyperloop One on Tuesday to start the feasibility study to build the super fast transportation network that will reduce the travel time between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to 10 minutes.
Capable at travelling at the speed of 1,200km per hour, the hyperloop is set to reconfigure the mobility sector in he near future.

According to Josh Geigel, Co-founder of Hyperloop One, this is the first such agreement signed between the Los Angeles based company and a transportation authority.

“We believe this is the first step towards making the technology a reality and we looking forward to having the prototype ready by 2020,” said Geigel, speaking to Gulf News.

Hyperloop has also signed an agreement with DP World in an attempt to implement the technology in Jebel Ali port.
Geigel said that the idea is to connect the passenger and freight lines and extend them all the way to Abu Dhabi and beyond.