Tuesday , 21 May 2019

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Duran food plant, ready for 2018

With a $ 50 million investment, the multinational Cargill, a US company dedicated to the production of animal food and human consumption worldwide, arrives in Ecuador with its first production plant in its newly opened aquaculture area.
Eduardo Arosemena, commercial director of this area of Cargill in Peru, Venezuela and now Ecuador, said that the multinational, present in 70 countries and with more than 170 thousand employees, is based on an investment agreement signed with the Government last August.
Through this contract, Arosemena explained that the company will obtain tax benefits, the option of being able to bring foreign human talent, subsidies on electric energy and the possibility of importing machinery free of tariffs for the construction of the plant, which will be located at km 6.5 of the Duran-Tambo road, in Durán.