Monday , 21 January 2019

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Education Ministry: Islamic Education will help students master basics of religion

The practical activities contained in the Islamic Education subject will provide students with a better understanding of Islam and help them be good Muslims, said the Education Ministry today.

The ministry also said the subject, through proper teaching and sessions, will help students understand the basics of Islam.

“For the Islamic Education curriculum in primary and secondary schools, there is an allocated time for practical activities such as performing prayers.

“This is to enable students to embrace and practise the knowledge that they learned, especially solat fardhu.

“The school can use various strategies and approaches to allow teachers and students implement this good practice to strengthen their knowledge (in Islam),” the ministry said in a statement today.

It also said the district and state education departments play an important role in monitoring and giving advice to schools to ensure the smooth implementation of the activities.

It said the implementation of these lessons is part of the ministry’s efforts to produce students who are intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced, which is in line with the national education philosophy.

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